Guide To Buying a Car Without a Title

You came across the perfect car, but there is a problem, the owner has lost the title or never had the title! This does not mean you can not buy a car! Purchasing a vehicle with no title is complicated, but you can do it in certain circumstances. We suggest you first do some extra […]

Cash for Junk Cars Same Day

Houston Junk Car Buyer has the most significant cash for junk cars program in the Houston area. We have designed our program to offer the general public a chance to get some money for their old junk vehicles. The enables you to clean up your driveway, garage, or yard and earn money. We are paying top dollar for these […]

Junking a Car in Texas: What You Need to Know

junking a car

When it comes to junking a car in Texas, there are certain procedures and requirements you should be aware of. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the process successfully: Required Documents for Junking a Car: Vehicle Title: In most cases, you will need to provide the vehicle title when junking your car in Texas. […]

Houston Junk Car Buyer is Also Your Wrecked Vehicle Purchaser

  Houston Junk Car Buyer Pays Cash Call not for same-day pickup and have cash now! Click to Call  We are Houston’s first Choice for Salvage Car Buyers. Houston Junk Car Buyer purchases all wrecked or accident-damaged cars. We don’t care if they are running or not. Top dollar offers paid for any vehicle in […]

Cash for Junk Cars on the Spot

Cash for Junk Cars on the Spot Yes, we pay cash for junk cars on the spot. Sell us all of your old junk cars and trucks for cash on the spot. We will pay you more than anybody else. Houston Junk Car Buyer is a local company that has been in business for many years! We […]

Cash for Clunkers Program

Cash for Clunkers Program Thoughts I want to look at this program, cash for clunkers, for a minute. I do not agree with this slick way of getting people into more debt. Our country does not need more citizens in debt. Let’s look at this program for a minute. Let’s look at the Criteria for […]

** Sell Your Junk Car to a Licensed Salvage Dealer **

sell your junk vehicle

Selling a junk car in Houston can be a challenging and overwhelming task, but with the right approach and knowledge, you can navigate the process smoothly. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various options available for selling a junk car in Houston and provide you with valuable tips and tricks to ensure […]

Junk Your Non Working Car for Cash

Houston Junk Car Buyer Is Car for Cash in The Houston Area Junk your non-working car for cash with the best junk car buyer. Yes, we will give you money for your non-working or working car or truck. Top dollar paid for junk cars and trucks. We will purchase all the vehicles in the areas. […]

We Pay Cash for Junk Car

We pay cash for junk cars, running or not! Nobody pays more for your junker cars or trucks than Cash for Junk Car. Yes, get your junk car for cash here! We have been in the Houston area for over 40 years. We are the oldest junk car buyers in the Houston area. Since we […]

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