Did you know that you could get cash for junk cars from junk car buyers? Yes, your old junk car is worth money. The process of getting the most for your junk car is easier than you might think. We buy junk cars and trucks, old cars and new ones. We don’t want to see your car sitting in our yard for weeks on end. We’re not willing to wait and let your junk vehicle lose even more value!

Houston Junk Car Buyer is one of the companies that will pay you cash for junk cars in the Houston area. There are many junk car buyers and junkyards in Houston. Make sure that you are doing business with a well-established company located in Texas or your state. If you are looking for a company that will buy your junk car in Houston, then contact us today.

What should I Look for When Looking to Sell my Vehicle?sell junk car no title

Did you find the company on an online site like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or a similar site? Do they own and operate a website? If you found your junk car buyers on a social community site be searching to sell your junk car for yourself, do they have a website? How long have they been in the scrap car business? Are they even located in your state? These are very critical questions to ask yourself. Some junk car buyers are not located in your country, then they are not able to turn your title into the country in which you reside. Will they take good care of my car and myself? You want to make sure that the junk car buyers are not going to dismantle your vehicle and sell it in bits and pieces or just leave it sitting in a field somewhere or fix it and sell it to someone who never transfers the title. You’re responsible for it!

What Happens if Junk Car Buyers can’t Turn my Title into my State

If you sell your vehicle to a company located in another state other than the one you reside in, then you are taking the chance that the car will never be transferred from your name. The company will not be able to or have the ability to notify the state that it is being sold for scrap. If the state is not reported, you will more than likely have to maintain insurance on the vehicle, until you can prove the car was sold. Most junkyards do not want the state to find them or take a chance on losing their salvage license. Your scrap car is not worth the fines the state will levy on them.

While there is no regulatory requirement to notify the state that you are selling a car for scrap, in some states, it will still be required if you want to cancel the registration and be released from all liability. You may also be required to maintain insurance on the vehicle, depending on the state’s laws. This is the biggest problem when selling your junk cars to either an out-of-state car buyer or a scam car buyer.

cash for junk carsHow should I sell my junk car?

Make sure the company is located in your state or area. Just because they have a local phone number does not mean anything. Phone numbers are easy to get wherever you want. When you call them, ask them where they are located. Check to make sure they have been in business for a little while. The way you do this is by sampling and searching for the company name. Using your favorite search engine is the best way to find out more about your business. A great example is Houston Junk Car Buyer. If you want to find out more information about this business, you can Google their website address. Here is an example:

Junk Car Buyer Search

This shows you the pages to their website that are indexed by Google along with any links or other websites that have linked to them. This is a great way to search and get information.

How do I tell if Junk Car Buyers are known? Scammers

To do this, we return to our favorite search engines. I will be using Google; you can use whatever search engine you prefer. https://houstonjunkcar.com An example again here is the search where you add fraud at the end of the search. Here is an example: Junk Car Buyers Fraud Check

Reading these results, you can see that there are a lot of examples of people talking about this company. It has even been suggested by past people that have used them. Reviews are very important. Read them but understand that some reviews can be bought by companies. If a company has perfect 5-star reviews, be careful. You can not satisfy all of the people all of the time! The goal is for you to get the most for my car!

The conclusion

Make sure always to sell your vehicle to a legal company and well know. Make sure to get a receipt for the sale. We always give customers a receipt for selling their clunker to us! You also get paid the same day we pick up your car.  The price you are quoted over the phone is what you receive when we arrive to do the towing! This is a must to prove that you are no longer in possession of your vehicle. Never accept a check or money order. When we pick up the car, make sure to get paid at the time it is picked up. . If you still owe money on the vehicle, we can not buy it. We pay top dollar for scrap cars and trucks, running or not! We don’t care about the damage, make, models, or what’s wrong with it. Junk car removal is the industry we are in and love it!!


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