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If you need a junk car removal service, we are your company. Specializing in paying top dollar for your junk cars or trucks. Cash for your old nasty, old, broken down or running car. We make it easy to sell your vehicle. Your old junk car is worth money.

We will pay you cash on the spot for any vehicle, running or not, wrecked, it doesn’t matter. Your junk vehicle can be an old smell, musty wrecked, flooded, or want to sell it; we will buy them. Our process is straightforward compared to a lot of Houston Junk Car Buyers. We’ll ask you to give us a call at 281-946-7209, then ask you a few questions, give you an estimate, and schedule your vehicle to be picked up by one of our wreckers. Never do we sell leads; you will be selling us your car, not some third party.

Free Towing of Your Car, Junk Car Removal

We tow all the cars we purchase for free. We don’t charge you to pull the vehicle that we are buying from you. When our tow truck arrives, they will have the paperwork ready for you. The driver will also have your payment on him. Most of the time we pay in cash, we don’t write you a check or mail your payment like some junk car buyers does. The whole process takes about ten minutes from the time our tow truck arrives.

Houston Junk Car Buyers is the Top Rated Junk Car Buyers in the Houston Area

Our primary goal is to make sure you are happy after and during the time you use our service. Our goal is to ensure there is not one unhappy customer. We make sure that we answer the phone, not some answering service. Machines don’t answer our phones we do if we don’t answer them, and you leave a message we return your call. We have always practice customer service, why change if it works?

Beware of other Companies around Houston

Don’t believe what other junk car buyers are telling you in the Houston area. Most of the other junk car companies are small one-person operations with only one tow truck or the contract to other towing companies. These little companies cannot compete with our payouts. We pay the most for your junk car or truck. A lot of the smaller companies with giving you a quote but not stick by their quote. We do. If we give you a quote, we pay you that amount. Make excuses for why we cannot pay you what we quote you. Smaller companies will say that there is more damage than what you said is on the vehicle; we do not do this. This kind of deception has no place in this industry.

Goals of Houston Junk Car Buyers

We promise you not to practice dishonest practices with you. We will treat you with respect, old-fashioned respect. This is the main reason we have become more prominent during the recession.  Honestly, integrity and respect is the key to treating people.

Call us for your free no-obligation quote for your junk car or truck. The call should not take over five minutes, we ask you a few questions and give you a quote. You will be happy with the quote. We then schedule your vehicle to be picked up at your conveyance. We are your best choice for Houston Junk Car Buyers.


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