The weather is starting to heat up in the Houston Texas area; car and truck owners take advantage of the warm weather and head outside to play but beware some vehicles may not make it. Summertime is a great family time of the year. Most of our vehicles appear in our summer beach pictures.

Motivation, innovation and time will make all the difference between making your vehicle look new again or look one year older! Cleaning and waxing your car is just one step of getting it ready for summertime.

Time for an oil change Summertime is an excellent time to change your oil. Make sure that you use the recommended oil that your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. While at your local oil change place have them change your air filter fuel filter and radiator fluid.

Ask the oil change place to check your tire pressure. Low tire pressure decreases your performance which consumes more fuel. So keeping your tires inflated to the right pressure save you money.

Now would be a very good time to have your radiator flushed to ensure that it is working at its peak during our hot summer days. Your vehicle’s radiator is what keeps everything cool during hot summer days.

Not only are these good practices but will save you money in the long run and short term. Your vehicle will operate at its peak performance, which saves you on fuel consumption.

Cleaning Your Vehicle Getting it Ready for Summertime

Whether your vehicle has been parked all winter long or used to go back and forth to work or school or play now is the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your car or truck looking great for years to come.

Shake out the dirt, rocks, and debris. Use a heavy-duty vacuum and vacuum them. You can use a brush, dish soap, and water hose to clean the dirt off of them, even if they are carpet. This will remove most of the stains off of them and keep them looking new!

Wipe down your instrument panel with a soft, clean cotton rag. Use a gentle all-purpose cleaner for this. To get into the cracks and hard to clean areas use a tip. Use a dashboard protectant on your dashboard to help prevent cracking, warping, or fading.

Cleaning the Outside of Your Vehicle

Use a sprayer attachment on your hose to wet your car. Start at the top moving to the bottom. The reason you start at the top is a lot of the dirt will run down and off of your vehicle. Make sure that you are not using too hard of water pressure; you don’t want to damage your vehicle’s paint. Use mild detergent; Dawn dish soap is an excellent choice.

After you clean the body, don’t forget the front and rear bumpers. Often these are overlooked. Another part that is overlooked is the undercarriage and wheel wells. You’re undercarriage, and wheel wells take a beating so make sure to clean all the debris off of them.

All the items can be kept together; this will become your car cleaning kit.

The final step to cleaning the outside of your vehicle

Rinse your vehicle and hands dry it with a natural fiber cloth or chamois cloth. Try not ever to let your car air dry; water spots will develop. Water spots are tough to get off of your car’s paint.

Clean your windows and mirrors with vinegar. Make sure to not only clean the outside but the inside of your window also. Dirty windows and mirrors impair while driving.

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