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Junk a Car with Junk Car Buyer

Junk a car with us and receive more than any other car buyer will pay you. Not only will you earn more with us, but you will also know that we are giving you the best possible service. When we purchase your car or truck, we will pay you cash on the spot! You call us, we will ask you a few questions, based on your answers we give you a quote. When you accept the quote, we will come out and pick up the vehicle, the same day. We pay you cash on the spot with no waiting.

Reasons to Use us Over Other Companies

  • Locally owned and operated.
    Started right here in Houston and located in the city right now!
  • Family owned and operated.
    Started off with family and is still family-owned and operated.
  • Same day pick up.
    We pick your vehicle up the same day you call us. This way you are not wondering how long it will take to get it picked up.
  • Get paid when we pick up your junk vehicle!
    When our wrecker arrives, they arrive with the cash to pay you. There is no waiting for a check in the mail or having to go pick it up.
  • Easy process that takes about ten minutes.
    From the time our wrecker arrives, it leaves are about ten minutes. This makes it less complicated for you and us!

Junk Car Buyer No Title

So you have replaced your title? Not a problem for us, we are still able to purchase it. There are some criteria that must be met. Your vehicle must be in your name with no liens on it. If you have a lien, you have to obtain a lien release. The old lien holder will be glad to send you one, all you have to do is call them and request it.

In order to sell junk car no title, this must be done. There is no way we can go around this. If you owe money on your vehicle, we are unable to purchase it. It is illegal for us to purchase a junk car that money is owed on. It is also illegal for you to sell it owing money on it.

Junk Car Buyer Near Me

Houston Junk Car Buyer is licensed and bonded by the state of Texas. We have four locations in the Houston area. Have been in the Houston and surrounding area for over forty years. Many people have sold cars to us. To date, we have no complaints with any agencies. How you feel that our service means a lot to us. We want you to recommend us when your friends, family or coworkers as “Where to take junk cars.” The best compliment you could ever give us is to recommend us.

Top Dollar Paid on the Spot

Get top dollar no empty promises, no letdowns. When we give you a quote, that is how much you will receive when we arrive to pick up your vehicle. There is no having to go pick up your money or waiting on it to arrive in the mail. Our wrecker arrives with the cash to pay you.

Sell junk car no title is ok if you meet the requirements. We need to know that you do not have the title when you call, let us know. You will be happy with the service you receive from us number 281-946-7209. Thank you for considering us for your needs.

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