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Time and time again, we have always been rated the best we have been rated the best cash for cars or buy junk car companies by our clients. This is because of the hard work and dedication we put into an industry we love. When you sell us your vehicle, we will send our tow truck to pick it up. The tow truck driver will have your payment for your junk car or truck. There is no waiting to be paid. If you call Houston Junk Car Buyer, today we pick it up! Have cash in your pocket this evening!

Call 281-946-7209 to sell your junk car and for an instant cash quote!

Houston Junk My Car for Cash Near Me

Houston’s Junk Car Buyer is the biggest and oldest buy of cars located in Houston, Texas. In fact, we have four locations located right here. We will and have always paid cash on the spot for junk car removal. Plus, we tow every vehicle that we purchase free of charge.

Junk Cars Buyer is located in Houston. Paid on the spot for your vehicle. Always offering free junk car removal service. This service includes free towing of your vehicle.

Many other companies try to charge you for the towing of a vehicle they have purchased, not us. We have never charged and never will. This service is 100% free. Sell your junk car to an experienced, seasoned buyer!

We buy junk cars that offer an enormous headache-free way to sell your vehicle. You sit back and let us handle all of the headaches for you. Our service is 100% free; there is no charge for selling us your vehicle. We service all of Houston and the surrounding areas.

When you sell us your vehicle, we will send our tow truck to pick it up. The tow truck driver will have your payment for your junk car or truck. There is no waiting to be paid. If you call us, we pick it up today! Have cash in your pocket this evening!

Sell Junk Car Buyer Houston Your Junk Vehicle

Do you have an old car sitting around? Don’t let an old unused vehicle sit around your yard, driveway, or garage. Turn it into cash. Is your vehicle needing repairs, but do those repairs cost in Houston more than the vehicle is worth? Cash for cars today!

Has it been more than two months since you drove it or even started it? Turn it into cash. That vehicle is sitting there, costing you money in maintenance, insurance, and tags. Turn your car into cash!

If any of these apply to you, then give us a call. We will be more than happy to make you a cash offer. We always offer free removal of junk cars and trucks. Don’t look at that old clunker anymore.

Types of Vehicles Junk Car Buyer Houston TX Purchases

We pay cash for forever type of vehicle, including wrecked, flooded, junk, unwanted, salvage old, new, SUVs, trucks, vans, travel trailers, and semis. We always have and always will offer a hassle-free pick-up with every purchase. There is no charge for us towing your vehicle after we pick it up.

Junk Vehicle Buyer has been in the Houston area for over 40 years. This has helped us develop some great relationships that allow us to pay more for our purchases. We have a massive network of core buyers looking to buy cores and other parts. Of course, this always us to pay you more for your vehicle.

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on tags and insurance on a junk car you are not using or planning to use! This is a waste of money that you could be used for other things. Receive cash for cars today. Houston Junk Car Buyers always pay top dollar for unwanted junk cars.

Is your homeowner’s association giving you problems over your old unused car or truck because you are not using it? Your spouse upset wanted it out of the driveway, garage, or yard? Are neighbors thinking you are bringing down the property’s value because they believe that you have junk in your driveway? No problem, Sell it to Junk Car Buyer Houston for cash today! Yes, turn that old vehicle that you are not using into cold hard cash!

  • Pay you the top Dollarsell junk car no title
  •  Payment in an Instant
  • Tow Vehicle for Free
  • Your Paper Work Sorted
  • Responsible Recycling
  • We Love our Customers

Bandit Junk Vehicle Buyers Houston

These bandit junk car buyers’ operations usually go like this; you call them on the phone. They ask you a few questions about your vehicle.

Their operation usually goes like this: You have a junk vehicle you are looking to get rid of, so you call one of these companies that you find that promise to pay you top price for your vehicle. You call them up to get a quote. They ask you a couple of questions about your junk car they make you a huge fake car buyer offer. Without the intention of ever paying you.

Usually, you will be asked to text pictures of your vehicle to them. You will not be given an email because they don’t have a professional email. They make you a huge offer, an offer they never intend to pay! This is known as a junk car teaser quote.

When you call us, we will make you a fair, competitive offer on your vehicle. We will not play games or go down on you once we get to your vehicle’s location. We pay you top dollar and pay you on the spot and give you free towing.

Our goal is to give you the best possible service. We hope that you will recommend us to your friends and family. You recommending us to your friends and relatives is the best compliment you could give us!

Don’t be fooled by fly-by-night want to be junk car buyers! These guys are not licensed or follow the laws. Houston has been put out for everybody to follow. The problem with a non-licensed junk car buyer is when they don’t follow the rules, it can fall back on you.

Workings of Bandits in Houston and Junk Car Prices

Once the bandit junk car buyer shows up at your vehicle’s location, then raise the hood, look under the hood. They may even look under your vehicle. They then start to point out every little thing that is wrong with your vehicle. Most of the time, there is no problem with your vehicle.

At this point, he tells you he can only give you a small portion of what he offered you. He figures since he is there, you will go with his new offer. Because by then, you are tired of dealing with the situation.

Often, they will even pull out the cash to try to convince you to take it. What would you do? Some people go ahead and do it. We hear stories all of the time of this happening. Our customers have never experienced this from us; we do not practice this type of fraud. This is why we have been in business right here in Houston for so long.

Don’t Waste Money on Junk Car Medics Trying to Repair Your old Car or Truck

Mechanics or junk car medics will play on your attachment to your junk car. They will start by repairing little things and then add the bigger stuff later. Cars become part of our families but at one point it starts costing more money to get it fixed. That junker will start costing way more than you are willing to put into it. Auto salvage is a booming business in every city. Our attachment to our cars drives this market!

Contact Houston Junk Car Buyers for an Instant no Obligation Junk Car Removal Quote We Buy Junk Cars

Call us at 281-946-7209 to sell junk cars and get your free no-obligation free junk car removal quote. Our quotes are good for 24 hours, after the offer date, due to junk car prices changing on a daily basis. We buy junk cars on a daily basis by paying the most cash for cars. Remember when you sell your car to us, we pay you cash on the spot!


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