Houston Junk Car Buyer is Also Your Wrecked Vehicle Purchaser

We are Houston’s first Choice for Salvage Car Buyer.

Houston Junk Car Buyer purchases all wrecked or accident damaged cars. We don’t care if they are running or not. Top dollar paid for any vehicle in any condition! We spend the most in the Houston area. We always offer free towing with every car we purchase.

Free Towing When we Purchase your Wrecked Car This is what Separates our Salvage Car Buyer service over others

If you have a vehicle that has been involved in a wreck or accident, we can purchase it from you. Don’t let your car sit in a Houston auto storage lot, costing you daily storage fees. Storage yards will try and charge you high prices!

Yes, we pay top dollar for all vehicles. We are your wrecked car buyer. Many junk automobile buyers will not pay you top dollar for your wrecked car. Houston Junk Car Buyer will give you top dollar for your vehicle. Significant damage or minor damage, we pay cash for all of them!

When we purchase your junk vehicle, we will tow it for free. There is no charge for pulling your car. You do not have to bring your vehicle to us; we come and get your vehicle. Some companies try to charge you for towing; we do not, nor will we ever.

The process of Selling your to Houston Junk Car Buyer

If your vehicle is currently in an auto storage lot, call them and see the charges. These fees will have to be paid by you. We are not allowed to pay your release fees. You have to. Your vehicle will have to be released for us to pick it up. We are not authorized to take your car in storage without you doing these steps.

Call us and explain the accident to us. It gives us an idea of the damage it has. It helps us get a sense of what damage is on your wrecked vehicle. We determine the kind of wrecker we need to send out to pick up your vehicle. No worries, we have several different types of wreckers to help serve you better! We are your Houston Wrecked Car Buyer.

How do I Get a Quote from Houston Junk Car Buyer

To get a free no-obligation quote from us is as easy as picking up your phone. Call us to tell us the make model and where your vehicle is wrecked. The address to the storage lot, so we know what side of town it is located in, we need to see if you have a title.

We will then give you a quote for your vehicle. When you accept the quote, you scheduled, junk car or wrecked car to be picked up by one of our company trucks.

Give Houston Junk Car Buyer a call at 281-946-7209 to receive your offer on your wrecked car.


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