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Know When to Sell Your Car

Your current vehicle is a liability and costs you money when:

  • Repair costs are getting higher, and the value of your car is lower.
  • The trade-in value is less than the repair bill
  • The vehicle will not pass the yearly inspection
  • It has become an eyesore, and your homeowner’s association is threatening you
  • You don’t want to go thru the hassle of putting an ad in the paper or online and having strangers coming to your house.

What is the Process of Selling my Vehicle to Junk Car Buyer

There are a few ways for you to find a local car buyer. You can call junkyards and see if they are interested. This entails calling several and seeing if they are interested or not. A lot of times they will nitpick your vehicle to death. Another way is to search Google for cash for junk cars. We buy junk cars or sell my junk car. These buyers that pop up on Google search are ones that have indicated they are either from your area or do business in your area. It does not mean they are in your city or even your state! Always try to make sure they are in your state. This ensures that they are following your local laws. The process of selling your vehicle to us is simple. When you call, we will ask you a few questions. Some of the questions might be: what’s the year, make, and model? What mileage is on the vehicle, and what damage is on the vehicle or the interior? We may also ask you how long it has been parked and why? These are all fundamental questions we ask all of our customers. After we get the answers, we will give you the highest possible price we can.

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Are There Any Hidden Costs in Junk Car Removal

Many other junk car buyers have hidden fees. These fees can and do add up to be a big part of your money. We have never done this and never will. Our service is 100% free. No towing fees, no admission fees, or no transfer fees. This ensures that you receive your money. We only just want to purchase your car or truck.

Your Junk Car is Worth Good Money

When you call, we will ask you questions about your vehicle. These questions help us determine the value of your car. When our wrecker arrives to pick up your vehicle, you are paid for the car on the spot. There is no waiting for payment. When you accept our offer, we schedule a convenient time to pick up your vehicle. We come to pick up your vehicle at a time that will not conflict with what you have to do. Most of the time we remove junk cars the same day, so there is no waiting.

What Condition Does my Car Have to be in

Junk my car Houston

We don’t care about the condition of your vehicle. All vehicles are purchased and cash for junk cars is given the same day our tow truck arrives! We know that getting cash for junk cars is very important to you and your family. Money for junk cars is something we specialize in and enjoy.

  • Junk Car Buyer
  • Wrecked Car Buyer
  • Flooded Car Buyer
  • Unwanted Car Buyer
  • Running car Buyer

If you are not sure, give us a call. More than likely we do buy it. There are many times we have people or companies contact us with a couple of vehicles.

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Do you have a title?

Having the title is the best but is not the only way to sell your vehicle. If you don’t have your vehicle title, we will run the registration to ensure there is not a lien or third party interested in the car. If you have a lien on the vehicle, we will have to contact the lien holder and obtain a release of the claim. After we receive the release of the lien, we can cash for junk cars. We will and can get a title for you.

Before you sell us Your Scrap Car

Before we arrive to purchase your vehicle be sure to go over the contents. The number one place a lot of people forget to check is the glove box and the trunk. We like to ensure that our customers get everything out of their vehicles. Once you have sold your vehicle to us, we take it to one of our holding areas. Once it is in our yard, we clean it out and throw everything away. So please make sure you get everything. If you have the title to your vehicle but have not transferred it, no problem, we will need a copy of your driver’s license. This is to establish who we purchased the car from.

Do I have to be there to sell my Vehicle Houston?

The registered owner has to be present or their representative. Your representative has to have a copy of your state identification or driver’s license. If you are legally married, your spouse can sell us the vehicle. The state requires us to have a chain of custody of the vehicle. We have to establish who received the cash for junk cars. Our services are available anywhere in the greater Houston area.

What is a Junk Car

Every year there are millions of cars sold. These cars become old, broken down, parked, or just abandoned. Some will be replaced with newer models. These vehicles become junk or unwanted vehicles. These are the vehicles we specialize in buying. If your vehicle has been in an accident and the costs of repairing it are higher than the benefit of improving the vehicle, it becomes a junk car. These unrepairable wrecked vehicles become junk cars. Junk cars are the most recycled consumer product in the United States. 94% of your vehicle can be recycled into new usable metal. About 65% of the original metal is recycled from old steel. This helps to keep the price of metal down and saves valuable resources. Some junk cars are hauled off to junkyards and are parted off. A lot of the parts are reusable at a discount to consumers. The pieces that are not sold to consumers are sold to companies that rebuild the parts. Parts like the battery, engine, transmission and exhaust systems are all parts that are sent to core buyers. After all of the parts are removed, you have leftover metal, usually the frame and some parts of the body. The leftover metal is placed in a shredder. The shredder then breaks the car into small pieces. At this point, our machine separates the types of metals, steel from steel, aluminum, and aluminum.

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Know what the Difference between Salvage and Junk Vehicle is:

Most people think that salvage and junk cars are the same. No, they are not. Junk cars are vehicles that are damaged beyond safely repairing them. Salvage cars are vehicles that are or have been fixed and are safe to be back on the road. There are many uses for salvage vehicles. A great example is after an automobile accident, a vehicle repaired is considered a salvage vehicle. These are also great cars to purchase to save money or sent to salvage yards for parts.

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