How To Sell Your Car For Cash Without A Title

Hot to Sell a Car with a Lost Title

So, you are wanting to sell your car, but you have lost your title. Don’t tear your house apart looking for your lost title. We can still buy cars with no title.

Explanation of What a Car Title is

Your car’s title is a legal document that verifies ownership. It also lets others know if you have a lien and owe money on your car. Title varies by state but most have raised graphics and watermarks on them.

Reasons Why You May Not Have the Title to Your Car

The car title is one of the most important documents you’ll ever need to have, and if it’s lost or stolen there are few things that can make life easier. You may not even know why your Titles aren’t on hand but here we will look at some potential reasons for this unfortunate situation.

  1. Misplaced Somewhere Don’t Know Where
    This is not a big problem; it is easy to get a replacement title from TXDOT. TXDOT office will print you an instant duplicate title on the spot. You will need to supply them with your valid identification and license plate number.
  2. There is a Lien Holder
    When you bought your vehicle you financed it. In Texas, the title is held by the lienholder until it is paid 100% off. This protects your lienholder from losing money by someone selling their vehicle. If you paid your car off but lost the title request your old lien holder to give you a lien.
  3. You Made the Mistake of Purchasing a Car with no Title
    You found your dream car but there is one problem, they had no title, but you still purchased it. That’s ok make sure you get a receipt for the purchase. You may still be able to get a bonded title for the vehicle. We can purchase these vehicles so give us a call!

The Proper Way to Sell Your Car no Title

Whether you’ve lost your car’s title or simply can’t find it, there are steps that will help make selling a used vehicle easier.

Oftentimes people think they need to have their titles in order for them to sell cars at all but this isn’t always true! It’s worth taking some time and doing research on how else we might be able to get people into buying our vehicles without having complete ownership documents- especially if these buyers may want more information before committing themselves fully.

We can confirm who owns the vehicle by checking with TXDOT’s database.

We can help you sell your car for cash, even if we don’t have the title. Just need to verify that it’s in YOUR name or someone who is the ability to sign on behalf of themselves and fill out two easy forms at TXDOT issuing them will legally transfer ownership away from one owner while also allowing another person full access so they may drive off into new adventures!

There is a Lien Holder on My Title Can You Still Buy it?

You don’t need to panic if you find yourself in this situation. All we require is a letter from your lien holder verifying that they are releasing all rights over the car, and it will be easy money! With these two documents even though there may not be an actual title available for viewing on TXDOT’s database – people can still sell their vehicles using cash as collateral instead of taking out another loan just so they have something tangible behind them when selling at public auction or private sale.

In order to sell your car, you need first to make sure that any outstanding debts are paid in full. If there’s still money owed on the vehicle and it has been reported as abandoned by banks or credit unions then they will not release their lien until these obligations have been satisfied fully which can take some time if ever happens at all!

What if The Car is Not in My Name

We can help you sell or get rid of your car even if the person who had their name on it has passed away. All that’s needed is a simple Affidavit and we’ll take care from there!

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