How To Sell Your Car For Cash Without A Title

You have decided to sell your car for cash but discovered you have misplaced the title! Don’t panic, and we can help. A title will help you get more cash for your car, but it doesn’t mean you can’t sell it!

Sell Car with Lost Title

So, you have lost your title and don’t know what to do. This is a short little guide to help you obtain a new title. We will buy junk cars with no title, but there are stipulations. More on that later.

Here in Houston, there is a TXDOT office located on East Governors Circle. You will need to take your VIN in with your state-issued identification. They can give you a certified copy of your title on the same day.

If you have a lien on your car or truck, you will have to call your old finance copy first and request a lien release. They will not give you your title without this.

We do purchase vehicles without a title. When you call, please let us know, and we will run your vehicle’s registration. The vehicle must be in your name with no outstanding balances owed.

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