sell junk car no titleWhat to do when your car is flooded

If you are driving your vehicle in the rain and happen to flood it, you do not need to start it. You could suck water into your exhaust pipe and ruin your engine. Vehicles blow exhaust out of their tailpipe, but when your engine dies in water, it sucks that water in through the tailpipe. This could turn your car into salvage.

How to spot flood damage in a used car

There are several ways to spot a previously flooded car. The best way is to take it to your mechanic to check the condition of any used car you are selling. They are in the business of repairing cars and know what to look for. I’m sure customers have brought flooded cars before.

The cost of repairing a flooded car

The cost of repairing a vehicle that has been flooded is very high! it also drops the value of the vehicle. The first thing you have to do is have your trusted mechanic to look at all of the components to ensure they are not flooded out. Oftentimesflooded car buyer you will have to replace every wire connection and any electrical motors. If your vehicle has gotten flooded you have to by law tell any buyers that it has been flooded. Even if you have done the repairs and replaced all of the interiors.

How to protect your car from flooding

Everybody knows that this city floods everywhere. The residents that live here know about the flood-prone areas, but if you are not sure, stay home. Watch the news to ensure there is not a storm coming in. Set your cell phone to give you alerts of bad incoming weather. Many drivers go out in bad weather and endanger not only their car but their life. Just stay home, its not worth it.

What to look for when buying a car in a flooded area

This alone we could write a complete article on. We will touch based on some basic things to look for. The first thing to do is actually smell for an odor. Pop the trunk and smell the trunk. Many times the trunk is overlooked when the repair is done. We recommend you to always pull a vehicle history report from carfax. These are not always right but insurance claims adjusters do report to them. If there is not anything there, take it to the shop and have them look at it. They are great to help and can give you professional assistance.

The importance of getting a vehicle history report

We can not stress this enough. This is a crucial step when purchasing an older vehicle. Not only due to flooding, but it could have been a wreck and totaled. Cars can be repaired after an accident but they are never the same as when they were new. This keeps you from finding out later and having to contact lawyers to get reimbursement.

Do you have a junk car that is sitting in your yard and have no idea what to do with it? Is your vehicle worn out? Are better days passed? Your vehicle has so much wrong with it it may not be worth fixing. Maybe the engine or transmission went out, or it was wrecked. We are Houston’s number one junk car buyers. Don’t be fooled by other car buyers, your flooded car is worth cash! As the largest junk car buyer, we always offer you free towing on all makes and models at all locations in Harris County, Texas!

Thoughts on the Process

Before you make up your mind on what to do with your car or truck, read this article. A lot of people don’t know that an old junk car can put cash in their pocket. They think it is no more than an eyesore and often times they have to pay to get rid of their car. This is not true.

Don’t overlook your chance to put some extra cash in your pocket along with cleaning up your residence.

The price of steel and other metals goes up and down, thus affecting the number of cars. But at no time will your truck ever be worth anything. Prices for junk cars go up and down. We have continually paid more for junk cars and trucks. This will never change. We have always prided ourselves on bringing a top-of-the-line service to the Houston area.

They are receiving calls all the time from people who want their old vehicles taken out of their yards or driveway. Immediately tell them that they are giving away money. Provide them with a free no-obligation quote on their vehicle. Many of them are surprised the car is worth anything. We always pay top dollar for your junk cars .

One way to ensure that we are giving you the best possible quote is by letting us know the exact damage to the vehicle. Walk out to the car with a pen and paper, and start writing any damage inside and out you see. This will ensure you can tell us the damage to the vehicle and allow us to give you the highest possible flooded car buyer quote.

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