Apartment Complex Towing Your Junk Car Away

Apartment Complex Towing your Junk Car Away Sell it Instead and for Top Dollar

I wanted to talk about a subject that affects a lot of people located in and around the Houston area. Apartment complexes tow a lot of vehicles, for various reasons. These goals include leaking fluid, expired tags, flat tires and abandonment. They are wanting to keep nonrunning vehicles from being stored in parking their spots and causing a possible health hazard. Towing your junk car off for cash is a great option!

What happens when my Apartment Complex has my Junk Car Towed away?

When an apartment complex tows your vehicle, you could be held liable for the charges. These fees can be pretty hefty.  Impoundment fees add up very fast along with having to go pick up the vehicle, then more likely having it towed back to the same apartment complex that just had it towed. Taking another chance of having your car towed off again. The best choice is to sell it to a junk car buyer.

We will Purchase your Junk Car instead of you losing it or having to pay high fees!

Instead of losing your vehicle or it costing you huge fees you can sell it to a junk car buyer. We offer cash for your junk car; we will pay you top dollar for your vehicle. As always there is no charge for towing your vehicle when we purchase it. Yes, we offer free junk car towing.

If you have lost your title that is ok? The junk car buyer is still able to purchase your vehicle; we will need a copy of your state-issued driver’s license or ID. We will also need a TxDMV FORM VTR-34 filled out.  Click here for the lost title form.  Fill out this state form out and we will need it once we arrive to pay and pick up your vehicle.

Call us for your no-obligation quote at 281-946-7209. We usually pick up your junk car the same day you call us. We are here to pay top dollar for all cars and trucks.


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