National Junk Car Buyer Scams

I want to connect on a new trend in the junk car industry, National Junk Car Buyer Scams. These are companies that are located in another state and purchasing junk or wrecked vehicles in all states. This is done by contracting local towing companies to buy the leads that these businesses generate. These leads can be sold to your local towing company anywhere from $25-250.00 a point. This is a big selling junk cars scam that everybody should be aware of.

There are several problems with this model. The biggest problem is that these national junk car buyers don’t care whom they sell the leads to. They may even sell them to several companies. We get calls from these businesses. After talking to several of them, I have discovered that they do not want a copy of my licenses or anything. All they are after is a credit card so they can get paid for the leads.

Ultimately they could be contracting to a criminal. These companies don’t care. All they are after is the money per lead they make. This is a hazardous situation. It is not right to put you or your family at risk.

Are These Junk Car Buyers Licensed

These national junk car buyers are not licensed in the states to purchase and recycle junk cars. For example, to have a Texas license, you must be located in Texas and have a principal office here. How will these companies notify the state that the junk car or truck is no longer in your possession? This is how you are released from liability. This protects you from assuming responsibility once your vehicle is sold. These national companies sell these leads to anybody that wants the leads. Some of these people that purchase these leads are not licensed and fix the vehicles up. They resell the car without the title getting transferred. What happens when one of these vehicles runs a red light, toll booth, or gets into an accident? You got it; you are held responsible because the car is still in your name.

Another Thing

Another downfall of these junk car buyers companies is that they are taking money from you by selling these leads. Junk car buyers pay for these leads. This means that they have to pay you less for your vehicle. So you are losing the cost of the leads from your selling price. For example:

You are asking $500.00.

The lead cost the junk car buyers $150.00.

This means that your offer would be $350.00.

You are losing $150.00, and the National Junk Car Buyer is gaining your money. This is money that you don’t have to lose. You can earn these funds by contacting a local junk car buyer and selling your vehicle to them.

I am going to tell you ways to recognize if a company is national or local. The first and best way is to look at their website. Suppose it states that they purchase vehicles in several states. Then they are a national company. Another great idea is to look at the phone number. If a junk car buyer has a toll-free number, they are more than likely a national junk car buyer. A local company does not need a toll-free number because it would not be long-distance for you to call them.

Where to Get the Best Cash for Junk Cars

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