Beware of Junk Car Buyer Scams

Recently I have had a few complaints on a couple of companies that operate online and are purchasing cars in the Houston Area; these are online junk car buyer scam sites and businesses. We have had more than a few of our local customers, contact us. We usually hear a few complaints about other junk car buyers, but we have listened to a lot more, than usual, about this scam going around.

How do the Scams work?

Here is what’s going on, a person wanting to sell their car uses a search engine to find a junk car buyer. They then contact one of the results in the search engine — searching terms like “Houston Junk Car Buyers” or similar words.  The company gives them an estimate of what they are willing to pay for the vehicle. (Usually more than what any local salvage company is willing or able to pay). If the person accepts the offer, the buyer then sends you an envelope containing a few pieces of paperwork for you to sign and return.

This is all fine, but the problem with this is that you have to return the title to your vehicle with the paperwork. The paperwork that you sign is paperwork that you are giving up all rights to your car.Junk Car Buyer Scams

The companies tell you not to worry “We are sending a wrecker to pick up your car.” The thing is the wrecker does not have the payment for the vehicle or a way to pay you. The company says that they are going to send you a payment for the car in the mail. Since you sent them the paperwork, voluntarily this becomes a civil matter, not a criminal. Because the only way to get your money is to sue the company in court. Most of the time it is almost impossible to find out the legal owner or company. What’s odd is they will not send a wrecker until they receive your paperwork, then why can’t the wrecker at least bring the check? They are advertising a junk car, buyer, cash!

I will not name any of the companies’ names due to legal reasons. My legal team says that it is not allowed.

Your Real Local Junk Car Buyer

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