How to Junk my Car

How to Junk my Car in Houston, Texas We always get asked, “How to junk my car?” It’s easy, call us.  We will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck on the spot! With free towing included absolutely free! Your old vehicle is recycled by us. A lot of car buyers will […]

Cash for Junk, Wrecked and Flooded Cars

The Best Place to Get Cash for Wrecked Cars If you’re looking to sell your crashed car in Houston, TX, look no further than Houston Auto Buyer. When it comes to selling wrecked or damaged cars, they are the ultimate choice. Unlike dealing with other businesses or individuals, selling your damaged car to your local […]

Apartment Complex Towing Your Junk Car Away

Apartment Complex Towing Your Junk Car Away: Sell It Instead and Get Top Dollar When it comes to towing junk cars, many people in the Houston area find themselves in a challenging situation when their apartment complex decides to tow away their vehicle. Apartment complexes often remove vehicles for reasons such as leaking fluids, expired […]

Turn Around Don’t Drown

(PSA) Turn Around Stay Alive Houston Junk Car Buyer February and March are Houston’s rainy seasons. We in the Houston area need to be very careful, flood safety is very important. Very little rain causes flood waters to form. You can not tell how deep a puddle is. It only takes about six inches of […]

Junk Car Buyer Near Me

Junk Car Buyers Near Me So you are looking for a local junk car buyer near me to purchase your vehicle. You have found the highest-paying company in Houston. Our scrap car buyers near me program is designed to streamline the process of selling your vehicle on the spot for cash. For many people, their […]

Cash for Cars and Cash for Junk Cars Near Me

Cash for Cars and Cash for Junk Cars Near Me Houston TX with Free Towing Cash for Junk Cars Near Me Houston, TX does not have the best reputation, which is no big secret. We have a great reputation with great Google reviews, and we are known for our junk car-buying service.  Junk Car Buyers […]

Junk My Car for 500 Cash

Junk My Car for 500 Cash Near Me You have finally decided to sell your car for cash. The prices you are getting are not what you expected. You need to get top dollar for your car so that you can put that money towards another car or bills. Junk your car for cash today! […]

Auto Recyclers Do Us All a Great Service

Save Money By Selling Your Automobile to an Auto Recyclers Company More vehicles are being recycled than at any other time in the history of the automobile, thanks to auto recyclers. Auto salvage is often overlooked for recycling. Junk my Car is a huge benefit to everybody. Auto recyclers are saving precious resources from being […]

We Purchase Junk Cars with a Lost Title

We Purchase Junk Cars with a Lost Title We purchase cars with a lost title. Because we are a licensed and bonded company, we give you cash for junk cars on the spot. There are laws about this kind of purchase that we must follow. There are state and federal legislation that requires us to […]

Junk Car for Cash: Always Check Buyer Reviews Before You Sell!

Selling a Junk Car for Cash When selling a junk car for cash, you need to know if you are getting the best possible deal. There are specific ways to ensure you are getting top dollar for your vehicle. Since you are not experienced at selling junk cars, some junk car buying companies will try their […]

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