Houston Junk Car Buyer has the most significant cash for junk cars program in the Houston area. We have designed our program to offer the general public a chance to get some money for their old junk vehicles. The enables you to clean up your driveway, garage, or yard and earn money. We are paying top dollar for these unwanted vehicles!

Our cash for junk cars program welcomes all makes and models, forging and domestic. I do not care if they are running or not. We specialize in purchasing all unwanted vehicles. I don’t care if they have been wrecked, flooded, or just sat up for a long time. They are always paying the most for junk cars in the Houston area! We even tow the vehicle at no charge!

Rest assured your junk car would be recycled and put to fair use. By recycling your vehicle, you are ensuring that it is set to proper use. We have always used environmentally friendly processes to remove and recycle all hazardous fluids and materials.

Parts from your vehicle will be made available to our core buyers. The remaining scrap metal will be recycled and made into new usable products. You are helping to keep the landfills free from metal waste materials. Being ideal for the environment puts money in your pocket. Recycling old scrap metal saves energy by not mining virgin materials and refining them into raw metal.

Cash for junk cars buys vehicles all over Houston and surrounding areas. We have four yards strategically placed around Houston to serve our customers better. We offer 100% free towing on all cash for junk cars purchase.

Cash for Junk Cars


Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM 7 days a week.

Here is Four Simple Steps for Getting Cash for Junk Cars

  1. Call us at 281-946-7209. We pick you up on the same day as you call. If it is late in the day, we pick you up the very next day first thing.
  2. Instantly make you an offer on your junk car or truck; we may need it.
  3. We a little bit of paperwork, then pay you on the spot. There is no waiting for a check in the mail; we pay you on the site!

Why Should I Junk my Car

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