Here is an Article on Some of The Most Common Donate your car scams

First of all, I want to state that I am not an attorney or a CPA or anything like that. What follows is not legal or tax advice. These are just our opinion on donating your car scams.

Let’s talk about Donating your Car Scams.

First I want to say that not all appear as it is. When you donate your vehicle to one of these website charities, you are more donate your car scamsthan likely giving your car to a 3rd party company that is paying the charity for the use of their name. Yes, it is perfectly legal for them to do this. But I don’t think that it is right. We don’t believe that it is morally correct.

Example of Donate Your Car Scams

A few years back I knew a guy that was in the junk car buying the business he was not doing very well; he partnered with a local charity. Within six months this junk car buyer was making big money. I sat down to eat with him and asked him how he was doing it. He explained the donate your car scams to me. He told me to get a charity and pay them $25.00 for each card you get given under their name. I was shocked at this. I didn’t know what to think. These are very misleading practices.

Tax Deductions

Now I know some of you are thinking “As long as I get my tax deduction who cares.” Well, let’s look at the tax deduction scam and what happens. What happens is they get or have your vehicle picked up and give you a donation letter. They don’t tell you that the average person only receives $500.00 taken off of their taxes. Some don’t even accept that amount.

My suggestion to you is to go to the IRS website and read up on the charity donation laws; you will be surprised at what you find. If you are going to donate your vehicle to a charity make sure that you are giving it to the charity, not a 3rd person acting on behalf of that charity.

Favorite Charity

Go to your favorite charity sit down and talk to them. They will be more than happy to help you. Your church is also a foundation to look into. Churches always need donations to help fund the church or community activities. They may even give the vehicle to a local member who is having a hard time.

Our understanding is if you receive anything in return for donating your vehicle then the IRS does not consider that a donation, it becomes the payment for your car. Some donation scam companies offer you a free vacation, donate your car for cash or donate your vehicle today for a voucher.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call us at 281-946-7209. We are not offering legal advice. Please consult your tax accountant and lawyer. Don’t be scammed by donating your car scams!

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