Cash for Clunkers Program

Cash for Clunkers Program Thoughts

I want to look at this program, cash for clunkers, for a minute. I do not agree with this slick way of getting people in more debt. Our country does not need more citizens in debt. Let’s look at this program for a minute.

Let’s look at the Criteria for the Cash for Clunkers Program

Your vehicle must be less than twenty-five (25) years old. So if your car is over 25 years old, it is too old. These are the people that need help.

The car must get less than 18 MPG. I understand this; our country is very oil-dependent. To get the price of oil down, we have to lower our oil dependency.

Must be drivable. Your vehicle must be drivable. This way, the government knows that you use the car.

Must have been registered for the past 12 months. This is to ensure that you are updating your primary vehicle with the cash for clunkers program.

More About The Program

Must have been insured for the last 12 months with no lapse in coverage. If you can’t afford insurance or kept insurance on your vehicle for the previous year, that means you didn’t need your car.

You only get the grant if you are buying or leasing a new car. President Obama wants you to help him bail the automakers out of debt.

These criteria are pretty basic, but let us look at the last one. You have to either lease or buy a new car. This worries me. I feel like the Government is just trying to help the carmakers by putting the citizens of America in debt.

If this were meant to help the public, you would be able to buy up to three-year-old vehicles. The only people that are going to profit from this grant are people that were going to buy a new car anyway, thus saving them money.

What cars are the dealers going to be pushing on people? One thing that a lot of people fail to look at is the resale value of the vehicle they are buying. Please if you are looking into purchasing a vehicle under this program consider the resell value of the car you are thinking about buying. Always look at major purchases, resell value.

Now don’t get me wrong this will help some, but I fear that it might hurt just as many. I don’t feel that putting more into debt is the correct approach.

Now for the record, I have received a contract to dispose of some of the vehicles that are being sponsored by this grant program. But as usual, I give my opinion. We will be turning down the contract.

What Happens to the Vehicles I Trade-In

Do you think the government is getting the vehicles? No, they are not. President Obama is not collecting the cars. Because they are leaving them with the automobile dealers to dispose of. The one thing the government did specify is liquid glass had to be placed into the motor. This destroys the engines completely. The remainder of the vehicle must be crushed and recycled.

Cash For Clunkers Information

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