A Junk Car Story

A Junk Car Buyer Story The other day a young lady called Junk Car Buyer out to buy a couple of old junk cars, so she could get up enough money to buy her grandson a vehicle. We asked her for a description of the ancient junk vehicles she wanted to sell. Quoted her an […]

Cash for Cars No Title

Cash for Cars No Title Same Day Pickup Cash for cars, no title is not a problem with us. However, there are some stipulations we must follow. Protect you and us from purchasing a vehicle from the wrong person. We have to follow all the laws, both state and local. The cash for cars’ no […]

Accident Damaged Cars

Do you purchase accident damaged cars? Yes, we do. Even though we are in the salvage business, we love accident damaged cars. We know that for the vehicle to be in an accident, it had to have been running, meaning the motor and transmission is in working order. As always we offer free towing and […]

Towing Junk Cars

We have been towing junk cars in and around the Houston area for many years. We will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck. City or Apartment Threating You Over Your Old Vehicle, sell it to Junk Car Buyer Has your apartment complex tagged your car to be towed away? Is your […]

Difference Between Salt Water and Freshwater Flooded Cars

The Difference Between Saltwater and Freshwater Flood Damage in Cars Flood damage to vehicles can vary significantly depending on whether the water involved is saltwater or freshwater. Understanding these differences is crucial for assessing the extent of damage and determining the potential for repair or salvage. In this article, we will explore the nuances of […]

#1 Sell Junk Car No Title Today!

Sell Junk Car No Title We Buy Junk Cars You can find a wide range of services on our site. You can sell your vehicle even if it’s damaged and we also buy cars. If you’re looking for a car wrecker or junkyard, then Houston Junk Car is the place to visit! We’ll give you […]

Sell Junk Car No Title for Cash Same Day Pickup

How to Sell Junk Car No Title to Houston Junk Car Buyers Selling junk cars without a title can be problematic. We made this short article to help you navigate the steps to take. You must sell clunkers for cash properly or it could cost you more in the future. Not all area junk car […]

Who Buys Junk Cars in Houston

Unveiling the Ultimate Junk Car Buyers in Houston! Do you want to get rid of your old car and make some quick cash? We have the inside scoop on the top players in the junk car buying game in Houston. Discover the most reliable and trustworthy options that will make selling your junk car easy! […]

Top Dollar for Flooded Cars Same Day Pickup

If you’re searching for a buyer for your flooded car, we can help. Flooding can be devastating, and while it’s unfortunate that your vehicle was affected, the important thing is that you’re safe. We understand how this impacts families and are here to assist you. We offer top dollar for flooded cars and will do […]

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