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Cash for Junk Cars Near Me Houston TX companies does not have the best reputation, which is no big secret. We have a great reputation with great google reviews, and we are known in the junk car buying industry.

Junk Car Buyers also have a shady history. Many car buyers will try to scam you and try to trick you out of your vehicle.

Hopefully, this article will keep you alert about what to look out for to prevent these things from happening to you. We hope that you will learn something, even if we do not purchase your vehicle.

Here’s the Deal on Houston Junk Carcash for cars

Most tow truck operators, used salvage yards, and cash for cars companies are honest, but there is a large amount that is not. You must know what you are doing before you junk your used car. Knowing what to look for when you are selling your junk car is vital. There are many the will scam you for a quick buck. Make sure you know all the scams to protect yourself when you are selling your car for salvage.

Here are the Eight Most Likely Scams that Companies that Buy Junk Cars Do

Not many people have any experience with dealing Cash for Cars Near Me. If you had always sold your vehicle before it became junk or traded in your old car, don’t feel bad. Not many people do. You may have never sold your vehicle to a junk car buyer for parts or salvage. It can be an unfamiliar process to you. You will find eight scams below to watch out for and be aware of.

Using Fly By Night Junk Car Buyers

  1. Using fly-by-night junk car buyers is very dangerous. These companies don’t have a real office setup or a license. These companies will¬†purchase a vehicle¬†from you at the lowest possible price and sell it on the side of the road or online. Never transferring the titles or notifying the state of the sale. Fly by night companies will tell you one price and when they arrive the price will be different. Ask all buyers if the price is going to go down once they arrive.

Out of State Junk Car Removers Offering Cash Cars

  1. Out-of-state clunker buyers are very sneaky. Many of them will have local numbers to make you think they are local. What they do is purchase your vehicle for a huge profit to sell the lead to a local company. Meaning you are losing money on the sale of your vehicle. Another issue with these companies is they are located in another state, which means you cannot go to their office and speak to them. They are not “local junk car buyers or junk car buyers near me.”

Transfer of Title

  1. When you sell your car to a Junk Car Buyer Near Me, you have to make sure the title is transferred. Many times out of state companies skip this process. Your fly-by-night companies do not transfer them either. Meaning you could be held liable for anything that happens to your vehicle or any charges on your vehicle. Make sure always to get a bill of sale. We recommend still taking a picture of it with your phone and emailing it to yourself. Ensuring you have proof of purchase if anything ever happens.
  2. If you have a nontitled car and sell it, this also applies. We will buy your car without a title, but there are extra steps we MUST take.

we buy cars no titleFake Junk Car Removal Quotes

  1. When you call a cash for junk cars company, ask them if there will be any deductions. They must tell you ahead of time. For example, we take out body damage and missing parts. Some companies will try to take advantage of this. We take $15.00 off for a damaged bumper. Other companies will try to deduct $50.00 or even more! Don’t let these companies take advantage of you. Make sure to ask them before scheduling a pickup.
  2. Towing should never cost you anything. There should never be a charge for towing. For example, we always tow for free. We also offer same-day pickup and payment.

No Payment on the Spot for Vehicles (Not Us)

  1. Never under no circumstances let a company take your car without paying you on the spot. Also, do not let the wrecker hook up to it until they have paid in full. Once they have your vehicle, it is hard for them to get your money. Also, make sure you get a receipt for the sale of your vehicle. Have you let someone take your vehicle without paying you? It could cost you more than what the car is worth to get your money.

Towing Being Subtracted for Your Vehicles Quote

  1. Two things that should never happen are towing being subtracted or bringing the vehicle to the company. The company is purchasing your vehicle from you and should always arrange transportation for it. Another reason is if you take the car to them, you are then on their turf. At this point, they hold all of the power. You want to be in charge of not some old cash for cars company.

Giving your Cars a Zero Value for Junk Car Prices

  1. Many Shady buy my junk car companies try this; they will tell you that your car has no salvage value. This is not true at all. All cars and trucks have value no matter the year or make. They can either be sold for parts or salvage metal. So do not ever let any company take your vehicle for free. It has some value, or else they would not want to pick it up for free!

Free Prizes or a Tax Deduction From Donating Vehicle

  1. The common practice is offering you a free vacation or getting a tax deduction for donating your car. We are not tax advisers. We recommend you ask your tax person to confirm what we are publishing. Suppose you receive any compensation for your vehicle, cash or otherwise. In that case, the IRS considers that payment for your vehicles making it not a donation but cash! Also, you cannot deduct the full blue book amount for the value of your vehicle; it must be the amount they sell the car. You must also receive a receipt stating how much the charity received for the car or truck.

How can you use This?

Knowing the scams that happen in the business is half the battle. Watching out for them is the other half! Do not let yourself be taken for a ride by these scams. Find the right local junk car buyer near me that can and will treat you fairly and with respect! Get the extra cash sell your old vehicle running or not!

Getting a Free No Obligation Quote From a Local Junk Car Buyer

We at Junk Car Removal would love to give you a no-obligation junk car buyers free quote, unlike some other free junk car places, we pay top dollar! Give us a call at 281-946-7209, and we will ask you a few questions, and based on your answers, we will cash quote you a price you can depend on. We have four locations in the city of Houston TX.


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