Flooding on the East Side of Houston (PSA)

We are experiencing flooding conditions in and around the Harris County areas. Turn Around Don’t Drown! Please stay home, there is no reason you should have to be on the road. Conroe is currently being rained on. We at Houston Junk Car Buyer do not want anybody to get hurt in this weather!

We don’t know how much rain we have fallen but as of now Beaumont is flooded and the Cajun Navy is said to be out helping people. Humble is said to also be flooded. The whole east side of Harris county is flooded. Emergency services are getting a lot of calls and I am sure doing rescues themselves. If you do not need to go out, please stay home.

Do not drive through water at all. It is not worth you or your family getting hurt. There are several areas where emergency vehicles can not get by. This means there is a chance they will not be able to rescue you. There are boats out helping people but once again they are limited to what and where they can get. Please call your family and make sure they are also staying inside!

Conclusion of this PSA

Please be safe and stay home. It is a major rain event and is not worth you or your family getting hurt. Work or school can wait, there are no reasons to have to go out. If you have an emergency then please call 911. We at Houston Junk Car Buyer hope you and your family is safe! If you have to go out remember if you see water on the roadways do not assume it is not deep, Turn Around Don’t Drown!