(PSA) Turn Around Stay Alive Houston Junk Car Buyer

February and March are Houston’s rainy seasons. We in the Houston area need to be very careful, flood safety is very important. Very little rain causes flood waters to form. You can not tell how deep a puddle is. It only takes about six inches of water to flood a small car. Floods not only damage your car but can be devastating to you! Every year we have people getting hurt in flood water. It hurts our hearts to hear about flood fatalities or drownings. Most of the time, they are inexperienced drivers. Houston Junk Car Buyer wants everybody to get home safely!

Looking at water can not tell you if it is flowing or the force of that flow. The road in front of you could have a current that can wash your car away. During rain or storms, we suggest you look up the National Weather Service. They have an app for your phone. It is very handy! We also suggest you look at Houston Transstar traffic and flooding map. During disasters or rain, it will help you route your trip. We suggest you either stay at home or work until the weather event is over.

If the forecast calls for light rain, that is not really a big deal, but our roads and highways drain into other roads and into ditches. Always look for signs of flooding as you drive. You need to have the information to be a safe driver.

During Major Storm Events

We recommend you to stay home. Don’t go anywhere unless it is an emergency or your life is in danger. During major storms, the local government offices will activate certain departments to help you. The power may go out or there could be downed power lines. You don’t want to drive into water with a live downed power line.  You can always call 311 for assistance.

Do not drive through water at all . It is not worth you or your family getting hurt. There are several areas where emergency vehicles can not get by. This means there is a chance they will not be able to rescue you. There are boats out helping people, but once again, they are limited in what and where they can get. Please call your family and make sure they are also staying inside!

What to Do if You Flood Your Vehicle

If you do happen to drive into flood water, we do not want you to attempt it, you should immediately put your windows down. Do not wait to put those windows down before it is too late. If your battery dies you will not be able to put it down. The water will prevent your doors from opening and this is a point of exit for you. Water half way up your doors is like trying to move a brick wall by yourself. Make sure to put all of the windows down, not just the one you are sitting by. Your vehicle could start to float on top of the water and that exit could become impassable.

What to do After Your Car Gets Flooded and You are Safe

Safety first: If possible, avoid driving the car as it can pose a huge safety risk.

  • Call insurance: 
    Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. They can guide you on the next steps and help you with the claim process.
  • Disconnect the battery: 
    To prevent electrical damage, disconnect the battery.
  • Remove standing water: 
    Remove any standing water from inside the car as soon as possible to reduce further damage.
  • Assess the damage: 
    Assess the extent of the damage, including water in the engine, transmission, and other parts.
  • Dry the interior: 
    Thoroughly dry the interior of the car, including the carpets, upholstery, and any other affected parts. If cars sit with flooded water, after a couple of days mold develops, leave it alone for your safety!
  • Take the car to your mechanic: 
    If the damage is extensive, take the car to a professional mechanic for a full inspection.

Note: Flood damage can be severe and often results in costly repairs, so it’s essential to have comprehensive insurance coverage. If you do not have insurance and would like to sell your flooded car, please call 281-946-7209.

Conclusion of this PSA

Please be safe and stay home. It is a major rain event and is not worth you or your family getting hurt. Work or school can wait. There are no reasons to have to go out. If you have an emergency, then please call 911. We at Houston Junk Car Buyer hope you and your family are safe! If you have to go out remember if you see water on the roadways. Do not assume it is not deep. Turn Around. Don’t Drown!

1. What is the meaning of “turn around don’t drown”?

The phrase “turn around, don’t drown” is a warning to drivers to be cautious when they encounter flooded roads. It is a reminder that driving through floodwaters can be extremely dangerous and can lead to serious injury or even death. Floodwaters can be deceptive and can hide many hazards. Even a few inches of water can cause a vehicle to float or be swept away.

2. What is the origin of this phrase?

The phrase you are asking about is likely one that has been around for many years and has been passed down through generations. Its origin may be difficult to trace, as it is often used in different contexts and can be interpreted differently by different people. The phrase is likely derived from a proverb or saying that has been around for centuries. It may have originated in a particular culture or language, but it is likely that it has been adapted and changed over time.

3. What is the advice given by this phrase?

The phrase “A stitch in time saves nine” is a proverb that is used to encourage people to take action and address problems quickly, before they become bigger and more difficult to solve. The phrase is often used in the context of making repairs or taking preventative measures to avoid future problems. The phrase is thought to have originated in the 1700s, and its meaning has remained largely unchanged since then.

4. What are the dangers of ignoring this advice?

Ignoring the advice of experts can be extremely dangerous, as it can lead to serious consequences. For example, if you ignore the advice of medical professionals, you could put your health at risk. Without proper medical care, you could develop serious illnesses or conditions that could have been prevented with the right advice. Similarly, ignoring the advice of financial advisors can lead to financial instability.

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