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How to Sell Junk Car No Title to Junk Car Buyers

Selling junk cars without a title can be problematic. We made this short article to help you navigate the steps to take. You must sell clunkers for cash properly or it could cost you more in the future. Not all area junk car buyers are able to purchase your car. We purchase these types of cars for core buyers looking to remove parts to rebuild. This helps to keep pollutants out of the earth, junk-cars can be a major source of pollutants, esp if they sit in junkyards. They find that buying clunkers is a great way for them to find parts that are in high demand. Of course, these parts are rebuilt to new-like conditions.

We will purchase your junk car if you have lost the title, so yes, sell junk car no title with us. We have to take extra steps to ensure that we are not purchasing a vehicle with a lien.

When you call us for a quote, let us know that you have misplaced your title, we will then ask you a few questions about the vehicle. We buy junk cars with no title, but there are stipulations.

Cash for Clunkers Car No Title Questions We Ask

  • Who’s name is the vehicle is in?
  • This is to ensure the car title is in your name, not someone else. If the vehicle is in someone else’s, we are not able to purchase it. We run the registration to verify.
  • What happened to the title?
  • We have to ensure the title was not given up for a title loan or borrowed against.
  • Do you have keys to the vehicle?
  • Keys show the lawful position of the vehicle. You must have either the keys or the title.
  • What’s wrong with the vehicle?
  • This helps us determine what we are willing to pay for the vehicle and the type of equipment needed to move the car.
  • Do you have a state-issued driver’s license or identification?
  • A valid form of state-issued or government-issued identification has to be present at the time of the purchase. There is no way around this rule.

We might also ask you for the vehicle’s license plate number or vehicle identification number (VIN). This is so we can run the car to ensure there is not a lienholder. If you have a lienholder but have paid the vehicle off, we ask the lien holder to give us the letter of release of lien; this enables us to obtain a title from the state after purchasing your vehicle. Sell junk car no title is a particular process that has to be conducted right.

We required having you fill out a form from the state. This form is permitting us from you to obtain a title for your vehicle. We have to have a photocopy of your driver’s license or state identification. Sell my junk car is what we do, and we know how to do it!

Buy Cars No Title Same Day Pickup

So the answer is yes, you can sell junk cars with no titles. We will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck. Nobody else pays more than us. We pick up your vehicle the same day as we give you your quote. When our wrecker arrives to pick up your car, the driver will do a little paperwork then pay you in cash. We do not pay you by check. Your car without a title is worth cold hard cash, don’t let it sit there and lose value!

Get an Instant Junk Cars Buyers Quote 

The phone call to us takes less than ten minutes. Within the same day, we will have one of our wreckers out to pick up your vehicle. Once our wrecker arrives, it usually only takes about ten minutes for them to complete the transaction. Remember, we offer more cash for junk cars!  Junk car without a title in Houston, call us!

Call us for your free instant offer that is paid on the spot, no-obligation sell my junk car near me quote 281-946-7209

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