Steps For When Junk Car Buyers Purchase your Junk Car or Truck

The first step for Junk Car Buyers is paperwork. We make copies of your title and all information concerning your vehicle. We then log them into our salvage title book. The titles are turned to us about once every other week or sooner, depending on when we need to have enough.

After doing the paperwork, Your vehicle is towed to the auto recycling yard to be recycled. We then drain all the fluids out of your vehicle. The liquids are all drained in separate containers to help keep cross-contamination down. We go to great lengths not to spill or drop any of the vehicle’s fluids on the ground. Accidents do happen, but not as often as you might think. We then send these fluids out to be recycled to certified, licensed companies. The liquids will be resold to the public to be reused.

After the fluids are drained, scrap car buyers then remove the tires and wheels. The rubber is removed from the rims and stacked to be recycled into either other tires or even fuel. We sell used tires to either junkyards or used tire dealers. Old tires are sometimes ground up and used for mulch. The wheel itself is usually steel or aluminum; we stack the wheels in separate stacks to send them off to get processed and recycled.

Once the tires are taken care of, we remove the engine and transmission. After we evaluate the engine and transmission to see if it can be used as a core, rebuildable, we place it in the proper stack. If the engine and transmission aren’t rebuildable, then we only recycle them for the metals that they contain. Transmissions are made from aluminum and aluminum is one of the most desired metals to be recycled.

At this point, we are ready to remove the brake parts and any front-end parts that may be rebuilt. Many of the vehicles on the road today have these parts on them. They are sold in the auto parts stores as rebuilt or refurbished. The biggest buyer of cores in Texas is located in San Antonio.

The wiring is removed and recycled for their copper. This is essential because copper mines are starting to run low on raw materials. Your scrap car removal is helping to combat this! The rubberized plastic on the outside of the wire is also recycled and reused for many useful products!

What Happens To a Junk Car After it has Been Separated

The salvage vehicle is now ready to be crushed. We load the car into an enormous press that smashes it flat. Once we smash it flat, we stack it and wait for the processor to pickup. what’s left. Your junk vehicle is being used to help reduce the impact we humans have on the environment! No matter your area location, we recommend you do this kind of junk removal. When we are buying your scrap junk cars, this is what we are doing with them!

How Cars are Recycled after Purchase

The leftover car bodies are picked up by the processor and are ground up by individual machines. What happens is the car body is ground up into half-dollar-sized pieces. The grinder then separates the aluminum, brass, and interior parts that are leftover. At this point, a vehicle is not recognizable as a vehicle.

At this stage, the half-dollar pieces are ready to be melted down into the new metal. Most of the time, your old car becomes a brand new car or another useful metal item. By recycling your vehicle, we save valuable resources that otherwise would have gone to waste and never be reclaimed or sat in a dump or salvage yard.

About 98% of the vehicle is recycled. This is a vast improvement over the years past. In the past, your old vehicle could have sat in a dump or your backyard. It is leaking harmful chemicals into the ground. By recycling your car, you are doing an excellent service to the environment.

Conclusion of Automotive Recycling: How it’s Done

We hope you see how junk car removal benefits everybody. scrap auto parts or auto junk contributes a lot to landfills and waste. Our hope is that we are setting a new trend in buying cars in the junk car-buying industry. We offer to give any other junk car buying company our process and answer questions about the way we recycle your clunker. This is a unique business that offers many rewards to everybody!

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