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We are your premier Cash for Cars buyer. Junk Car Buyer is native to Houston. Always conducted business in the Houston area. Love, our community, and our community love us! Believing that Houston is the best city in the world!

“I need a Junk Car Buyer.”

You have found a local junk car buyer. Our goal is to give you the best possible deal that we can provide. We will purchase your junk car or truck and recycle them.

How do you Recycle my Car?

We do several things to recover your vehicle. The first thing we do is to remove all fluids in your car. The oil is drained and placed in a container that will be picked up by another recycling company. The oil will be recycled or used to make other products. A lot of the oil is cleaned and reused in items like plastic or reused as oil.

Your gasoline is drained and placed into a container. We put your old gas into a container to make it ready for recycling. Some of this gas we use in our trucks. This helps to keep our overhead down and saves money on fuel purchases. The gas that we do not use is picked up by another company then recycles to be used again.

Radiator fluids are then removed and placed into a container to be recycled. The liquid is recycled to the fullest extent. This fluid can be used as an actual radiator fluid or is used in industrial equipment to keep the machine from overheating.

There are so many different kinds of fluids in the modern-day vehicle that I can’t go over all of them.

What else do you Recycle in my Junk Car?

We recycle almost everything under your hood and from underneath your junk car. The engine and transmission from your junk car are pulled out and sold for cores. Your starter and alternator are also cored out.

The plastics are also removed and recycled. Your seats are taken out and separated from the metal frames. The foam and stuff are then recycled. Virtually every piece of your vehicle is recovered. We say 98% of your car is recycled.

How much does Junk Car Buyer pay for my vehicle? Will I get the best Top Dollar Deals?

Give us a call. We will ask you a couple of questions. Then we will make you a quote. We pay top dollar for junk cars. We will give you a free no-obligation quote today for your junk car or truck. Remember if you want high-dollar recycling call us at 281-946-7209 Junk Car Buyer is here to pay you the most!


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