A Junk Car Buyer Story

The other day a young lady called Junk Car Buyer out to buy a couple of old junk cars, so she could get up enough money to buy her grandson a vehicle. We asked her for a description of the ancient junk vehicles she wanted to sell. Quoted her an amount, and she agreed and thought it was a very fair offer.

Arrived Ready to Purchase

When we got there, she had all of her paperwork and a copy of her state-issued driver license. We purchased the first one and towed it off. We then I went back and was about to tow the second car, and I asked what was wrong with it. She said the mechanic told her the motor was locked up. Seeing the young lady was desperate to get a vehicle for her grandson, I decided to look further into the problem with the car.

What Happened Next Only Happens When Dealing With an Honest Junk Car Buyer

Houston junk car buyer got to looking at the vehicle. We connected our jumper cables to the vehicle’s battery. When trying to start the car, we noticed that the starter was hung up. I pulled out my hammer and hit the starter a few times; the car started right up. The whole time it was the starter that was hung up not a bad or locked up an engine.

The lady started to cry and was noticeably upset about the vehicle starting. We asked her what matter was. She replied, “I sold you the vehicle, and this whole time I could have given my grandson the car. We promptly told her to pay us back what we had given her for the car and gave her title back to the car.

After this had taken place, she went in to get us a glass of tea. Talking to her, I asked her why it was so essential to get her grandson a vehicle. She told us that her husband, the grandson’s grandfather, wanted to purchase him a car for graduating high school. She wanted to finish what her late husband wanted to do for his grandson.

Even though we didn’t purchase all of her junk cars, I think we made an excellent friend.

We treat everybody like family!!


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