What is the difference between a Salt Water Flood and a Freshwater Car?

What happens when car floods depend on if it is saltwater or freshwater. The difference between saltwater and clean water car is a lot. I wanted to take a minute to mention the differences between freshwater damage versus saltwater damage to a vehicle. The main thing that saltwater-flooded cars do is rust out the car immediately. Saltwater flooding looks like acid is eating them. Within days you can look behind the rubber on the door, and you will see rust starting to form. This is the salt beginning to eat away at the metal of your car body.Saltwater damages the electrical connections in your vehicle beyond repair. Within just a few days the electronic motors are trash, corroded beyond repair or use. It’s all most like taking your car and dropping it into a vat of acid and quickly pulling it out.Freshwater flooded damage is bad but nowhere near the same as salt water. With fresh water, you can drain all the water out of your vehicle’s fluids, replace all the filters, and more than likely your car will start and you will be able to drive it.I don’t know of any junkyards that will purchase known saltwater flood cars. The damage is just way too severe.  The parts are either to corroded or the parts rust apart.

Who Pays Cash for them?

We tow and dispose of all saltwater cars free of charge. We do purchase these vehicles for salvage metal, no parts are resold or put on the streets again. To sell flooded car please give us a call. If you need a quote on saltwater flooded cars or freshwater flooded cars, please 281-946-2709flooded cars 
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