So you are looking for a flooded car buyer. You are the unfortunate victim of a flood, and your vehicle was flooded. No worries, we pay top dollar for flooded cars. You may have lost your vehicle because of flooding but you are OK, and that is what matters the most. This is a devastation to most families. We will help you as much as possible.

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Fast Cash for Flooded Cars Program

Flooded car buyer program. We started the fast cash for flooded cars program to better serve the Houston area. This program is designed with our community in mind. Houston can overflow out of nowhere with very little rain. This year has been a terrible year for flooding. Our service is very comprehensive and is there to ensure you are getting the best possible rate for your flooded car. Knowing that you have lost a vital part of your life, we will make sure we pay you top dollar for it. Water damage can and will damage the electrical parts of your car. If the water gets high enough to get to your ECM or vehicle computer, it is destroyed. This is a costly and crucial part of every vehicle. Your insurance will automatically total your vehicle. If your Insurance Company Leaves the Vehicle with You, Sell it to a Flooded Car Buyer. This allows you to receive extra money for your vehicle. Flooded vehicles are very hard to fix and make dependable again. You may even have a hard time getting full insurance coverage for them.

Getting Top Dollar for Your Vehicle Has Never Been Easier

You need maximum value for your water-damaged car; we are here to give you that. There is no reason why you need to look any further; we are your company! Houston Junk Car Buyer has been in business for many years. Our Top Dollar for Flooded Cars Program is the leading program in the Houston, Texas area. When you call us, we will pick up your vehicle the same day and pay you cash on the spot. There is no waiting for days or empty promises. We want to purchase your salvaged car for top dollar. When our wrecker picks it up, they arrive with the cash to pay you.  The flooded car buyer  would like to make a public service announcement . Houston is overflowing right now. It is supposed to rain even more for the next few days. We would like to remind everybody not to drive at this time. In the interest of public safety, stay alive and stay home! Water sitting on top of the road may not look like it is not deep, but it could be not take a chance! If your vehicle does flood or stop in the water, do not attempt to restart it, have it brought to your mechanic. There are many problems with flooded cars. Your mechanic will take the proper precautions before your vehicle is ruined.

Sell Your Flooded Car Now

Top Dollar Paid for all cars running or not!

Tips For Flood Damage Cars

  • Types of Flooded Cars
    If a car is only to the tailpipe, you have a small flood event, but if you have flooded the car up to the glovebox it is totaled and not worth trying to fix. The interior will start to mildew.
  • Identifying a Flooded Car
    We always suggest running a vehicle history report, vincheck through a company like a carfax. This can give you a lot of information. Floodwaters damage or otherwise.
  • The Risks of Buying a Flooded Car
    There are several risk factors when buying a flooded vehicle. The main one is it may not be as dependable as you expect. The doors, seats, or any other electrical components may stop working. The warranty may be voided. Your trade-in value will be lower than a non-flooded car, no matter your mileage or damage. Your insurance options may have a higher price if you can even get it covered.
  • Financing a Flooded Car
    Your financing may even be harder. If you do not have a solid relationship with a financial institution, you may not be able to get a loan on it, or your loan payments could be much higher. 
  •  Insurance for a Flooded Cars
    company has a database for each state on the type of title of each car. This system is in place to protect you and the automobile insurance companies. These same consumer reports are available to consumers by vehicle identification number.
  • Common Repairs for a Flooded Car
    You will have to clean all of the stormwater and lubricants out of the vehicle. The vehicle will need a lot of new or used parts from your dealer. All of the electronics will have to be either replaced or cleaned out to prevent corrosion with the proper cleaner. Your carpets and seats and all of the upholstery will have to be dried and shampooed. The trunk is often over-locked you can have mold and mud in it. Make sure to take all of the carpets and clean everything! Your gas tank will need to be drained and cleaned to prevent exposure to water. There could be sand, silt, or other things in it.
  • Cost of Repairs for a Flooded Car
    The cost could be in the thousands. between having to clean and replace everything you could spend thousand to get it where it is usable again. It could still have problems in the engine compartment or other unforeseen areas. We have personal experience with this. We had a wrecker get flooded and tried to fix it. We ended up having so many problems we just replaced it.
  • Finding a Mechanic for a Flooded Car
    You need to find a mechanic that is not going to take advantage of you. They will have to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Most likely they will first pull the floor mats up and pull the drain plugs to drain the water. The next thing they will probably do is start checking the fluids and the extent of the damage. you want to try to get a package agreement deal with the mechanic.
  • Salvage Titles and Flooded Cars
    If a flooded car was reported to the insurance company they will report it to the state and a salvage title will be issued. In some cases you may find evidence of a flooded car but nothing has been reported. As buyers should always look out for tell-tell signs of floods. It is best to check closely for floodwater damage in the carpeting, and glove compartment. The car market can be very tricky. It is best to get the advice of your mechanic if you are able to enlist their services for an inspection. The amount they charge compared to what it can save you is well worth it!

We pay Top Dollar for your Car

Flooded Car Buyer pays top dollar for flooded cars. We will tow your vehicle for free, at no charge. Top dollar for junk cars. We don’t care if your car is not running or is wrecked or even flooded. We are Houston’s premier flooded car buyer. You will not receive a better cash offer for your flooded car from anybody.

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