“Wrecked Car Buyer.” SURE!! We Purchase any Automobile that is Wrecked or in Bad Shape.

Because we are recycling your old wrecked or junk car, we don’t care about if it is wrecked or not. If you have a broken car and would like to sell it, we are interested in buying it. We will give you top dollar for your wrecked car or truck. We are Houston’s premier Wrecked Car Buyer.

Late-model wrecked vehicles “Wrecked Car Buyer.”

On late-model automobiles, we may have to pay less for wrecked cars. We sell used parts for late-model vehicles. This helps to recycle many elements and keep the automobile industry from having to manufacture new parts. In the long run, we all save money and resources by buying and selling used parts.

When we come out to “Buy my wreck,” we evaluate the vehicle to see if it will possibly be worth selling parts off of. If it is worth placing in our salvage yard, we pay more for the vehicle/automobile. Thus you make more.

If your old junk car can’t be used in our salvage yard, we separate the materials and recycle them. Recovering your vehicle means that we are not just letting your vehicle become a hazard to the environment. Improving your car is the responsible thing to do at the end of your vehicle’s life.

This means sending the core-able parts out to core buyers for rebuilding. This means we can’t pay you as much. We have found that we are still paying above what the other junk buyers are.

We offer free towing for your junk car removal! Yes, we pay cash for junk cars.

Remember, even if we do not buy your old junk car or truck, we are here to answer your questions!! Feel free to call us at 281-946-7209

What sets you Apart from other Junk Buyers?

Looking for a company who will “buy my wrecked car,” that’s us!! We are located in the Houston area and licensed by the state of Texas. When you call us, you are requesting a locally located company, not a call center based in another state or country! Looking for local junk car buyers, you have found one that pays more than most!


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