How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Texas Either Mailing or Going in.

Getting a copy of a duplicate title in Texas is easy! So you have lost or misplaced your title, and you need to know how to get a new one? If you are missing the title to your vehicle, you are not able to sell it or trade it in. This can be a problem, but we are going to tell you to have to get a certified copy.

Items you Need when Applying for a Duplicate Title or Certified Copy in Texas When needing to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title

  1. You will need a completed copy of Texas from VTR-34. This is an Application for a Certified Copy of a Certificate of Title. Please retain a copy of the completed VTR-34 for your records. AKA TxDMV Form VTR 34
  2. Your title currently shows a lien, you MUST obtain a release of lien from your lien holder demonstrating that you satisfied the lien. If you do not get the release, the state will not be able to give you a duplicate title.
  3. If you are not getting the title yourself, you can send someone else, but they will have to have a legible photocopy of your driver’s license or identification.

Cost of Obtaining a Duplicate Title in Texas

Not only do you need a completed application and your state-issued driver’s license, but you must also either submit a check or money order for $2.00 in your application if mailing it in. Mailing can take a couple of weeks for you to get your duplicate.

You can also go to your nearest TXDOT regional office. And get a duplicate the same day. The cost is slightly more than if you mail it in but still very reasonable. It costs a total of $5.45, and they make you a title on the spot.

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