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Watching the news today there is a tropical storm forming in the Gulf of Mexico. The news says we are going to get the dirty side of the storm. This means that we are going to have flooding in the area. Please be careful if you have to drive during these times. In fact, unless it is an emergency stay off of the roads.

Make sure if you do have to drive that you drive with your headlights on. This helps other drivers to see you from a distance. If you see water do not drive through it, no matter how shallow you believe it is! It only takes 3” of water to flood your vehicle out!

Houston Flooded Car Buyer Public Service Announcement

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If you see water on the road turn around don’t take a chance! When you see water on the road always assume it is deep! Your life is not worth taking a chance! If your vehicle gets flooded it is ruined, but life is priceless!

If the vehicle does become flooded, DO NOT try to start it. Has it towed to your mechanic? When a car gets flooded it sucks water into the engine through the tailpipe. This puts water into your engine block and starting it could ruin it permanently. This is also known as vapor locked.

Your Car has Become Flooded, What to Do

First thing you have to do is shut off the ignition and do not attempt to start them. Make sure it is safe to get out of your vehicle before attempting to if you have any doubts then stay in your vehicle unless you have no choice!

Try to get your car to higher ground with the tailpipe facing downhill. By facing this way it will allow a lot of the water to drain out. Not all of the water will drain out but it helps to get much of it out! If you attempt to start your car you may ruin it beyond repair.

Your Health and Life is What is Important

Your life is the most important thing you could risk going through floodwaters or going out in bad weather. We do not want anybody to get hurt during this time. Please if at all possible stay home, where you are safe.

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