Junk Car Buyer La Porte Texas

Junk Car Buyer Le Porte will pay top dollar for your junk cars and trucks, running or not. No need to come to us we come to you and pick up your car or truck for free. Call for a free no obligation quote: 281-946-7209

We are Your Premier Junk Car Buyer Le Porte Texas

Junk Car Buyer Le Porte is here to purchase your junk vehicles in La Porte, Texas. We will take care of all of your junk car buyer needs. Call us for a free no-obligation quote 281-946-7209. We offer free towing on all purchased vehicles. Same day pick up, have cash in your hands today!

List of Junk Car Buyer Le Porte

  • Cash for Junk Cars
    Our business model is paying the most for junk cars running or not. We always offer same day pickups, unlike our competitors.
  • Money for Junk Cars
    We were the first to provide money for junk cars. In the past, people would only give the vehicles away because they had no other way to dispose of them.
  • Free Junk Car Removal
    We always tow every vehicle we purchase for free. We offer a rush pickup with a no-charge towing. Other companies will charge you for a rush pickup and payment, don’t fall for this gimmick!
  • Auto Salvage Towing
    Business is in the recycling industry we naturally handle towing of a salvage vehicle. Salvage Towing is wrecked or flooded cars.
  • Junk Car Wrecker Service
    We only use our in-house company wreckers. This ensures that you are well taken care of, and your information is not handed off to a third-party company.
  • Salvage Car Towing
    Salvage Towing is similar to auto salvage towing but very much different. These are vehicles that have no market or use for their parts. No car is too new or old for use to purchase.
  • Junk Car Removal
    Our goal is to remove your junk or unwanted car without damaging any of your property. Because of our experience, we can easily do this.
  • Salvage Cars for Cash
    More cash for salvage cars. We call this cash for cars on the spot, no matter what shape, a year or make and model.

What do I need to sell you my vehicle

The process of selling us your car is very easy. The process was as simple as possible for you. Below is a list of items that we will need, with an explanation:

The State of Texas says we must verify ownership of the vehicles. The best way for us to do this is by receiving the title on your vehicle. Don’t worry if you have lost your title we can still purchase your vehicle but there are other steps both us and you must take.

Identification we are required by law to collect a state-issued or Government-issued a form of id. Your identification must contain your full name and a photo of you.

You must be present for the sale of your vehicle. If you are not available, then make a copy of your identification, and your legal spouse can complete the transaction with us. We will also need your spouse to have identification.

That is all that is required by law. We do suggest that you make a copy of the title for your records. In Texas, you do not have to remove your license plates to our vehicle. You are more than welcome to remove them; if you need help, our drivers will remove them for you.

If you would like a no-obligation junk car quote, please give us a call 281-946-7209