Sell Your Junk Vehicle to a Licensed Salvage Dealer

sell your junk vehicle

Always sell your Junk Vehicle to a Texas Licensed Salvage Buyer to Avoid Legal Pitfalls!

Always sell your junk vehicle to a licensed salvage dealer!! Only an authorized salvage automobile dealer can turn the title into the state and have the proper paperwork to report that the car is no longer in your possession anymore. They also give you a receipt for the purchase of your car.

When a licensed salvage auto buyer purchases your junk vehicle, they will then fill out a register and turn your title into the state of Texas. The state of Texas then marks your title as sold for salvage. This protects you against any liabilities that may come up from your vehicle.

A Texas Licensed Salvage dealer has to remove all registration stickers, plates and then destroy them. This is for the protection of the individual selling cars.

Why you should always Sell your Junk Vehicle to a Texas License Vehicle Dealer

Let me give you a scenario. You want to sell your junk car, you call up a company out of your local paper or off of a sign, this bandit junk buyer comes out and buys your junk car. The bandit junk buyer then repairs a few things on your vehicle and sells it to the guy down the street, then that guy sells it to another guy, never transferring the title.

Your old vehicle is now out of your position. Another person has your car running around in your name that you are responsible for criminally and civilly. Let’s say the last guy that bought the car is a lousy character and goes out drinking and driving. He hits a vehicle with a family in it, in your old vehicle, and hurts someone. Then flees the scene. Well, that vehicle is in your name. You are held liable. When all you wanted to do was “sell my junk car,” This is why individuals selling cars should always sell their junk vehicle to a licensed junk car buyer.

By using a State Licensed Auto Dealer, you protect yourself against this. If you doubt, ask the buyer to show you his license; if he doesn’t have it (Which you have to carry on you, you can call the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT)) to verify that they are validly licensed company.

Even if you do not sell us your vehicle, please make sure you sell it to a Texas Licensed Salvage Dealer. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 281-946-7209. We always pay cash for junk cars. Sell your junk vehicle to us, and you will get the best possible service!


sell your junk car

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