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With all of the recent flooding here in the area, there has been so much flooding of homes and vehicles. This is sad, and we hope that everybody is ok a car, home and positions can be replaced; human life cannot be.

With the ground so soaked and wet, any more rain will cause even worse flooding than we have already. Noticing a massive increase in the call for flooded cars with lost titles. We can purchase your vehicle with a lost title. Also seeing a massive increase in searched for sell junk car no title coming into or site.

Our prayers and good wishes go to the families that have had their vehicle due to flooding. We hope that everybody has been safe during these recent floods.

Pools of Water can turn a Good Car into a Junk Car

If you see pools of water on the street, then do not attempt to drive through them. Looking at pools of water you can’t tell how deep they are. It does not take much water to flood your engine in your vehicle, leaving you stranded along with costly repairs to your car. You could potentially drive into a pool of water that has current from flooding. These currents could wash you away. Flooded streets can are very dangerous.

If your vehicle does ever flood, make sure that you do not attempt to restart it. If you do try to restart your vehicle, the water that checked your engine would go into your engine and do severe damage.

Call a wrecker and have them tow it to your automobile mechanic. You will need to change all of your vehicle’s fluids and air filter. If you just modify the fluid, you will have water in your vehicle’s filters. This can do significant damage to your vehicle. If your mechanic tells you that your vehicle has had water damage and the repair cost are too high for you to service Junk Car Buyer will purchase your vehicle. We always offer cash for junk cars!

We Purchase all Flooded or Junk Cars, Free Towing Call Houston Junk Car Buyer 281-946-7209

If you have lost a vehicle in a recent flood, we will offer you junk car buyer cash. Junk Car Buyer will pay you top dollar on the spot! Junk car prices are on the rise. This means top dollar for junk cars Houston.  We are a licensed junk car buyer, authorized to purchase in the state of Texas. Please call 281-946-7209 for a free quote.

sell junk car no title


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