Teaser Quotes and Junk Car buyer Scams BEWARE!!

How Teaser Quotes are Hurting the Junk Car Seller

A teaser quote is when you call a junk car buyer, and they knowingly offer you more than what they will pay or can pay for your junk car. This is an awful and deceptive practice.  We at Houston Junk Car Buyer Does Not practice this type of deception.

How does the Junk Car Buyer Scams Work

The reason other junk car buyer in Houston practice this deception is to get out to the car. Once they are at the location of your vehicle, with you, they feel like they can find a fault in your vehicle or tell you that it isn’t as you described to them over the phone and went down on the price. When in fact, they never planned on paying you the price they quoted you.

These junk car buyer scams are a horrible practice. I wish the companies that do this would stop using this practice. Until you the junk car seller is educated they will get away with it. Be aware of all selling junk cars scam that we can!

We would never do this to anybody. Ask you a few questions about your vehicle then give you an estimate of how much we junk rv buyerare willing to pay for your vehicle, simple as that. If there is a possibility that we may change the price, we will tell you at the time of your call. We hide nothing from you. We don’t practice deception just plain old fashioned honesty!

To Get an Honest Junk Car Buyer Quote

Call us, we will ask a few questions about your vehicle and based off of your answers we will give you the best and honest quote we are willing to pay for the vehicle. We don’t care if it is running or not. Call us 713-592-2576

Remember when we quote you a price we stick to it. No games, no tricks, just plain old honesty! Junk Car Buyer is here to pay you top dollar!

Originally posted 2016-08-16 08:05:19.

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