Renters Left a Car on My Property What Do I Do?

Renters Left a Car on my Property. How do I get a Certificate of Authority To Dispose of the Vehicle?

I get a lot of calls from homeowners with an old junk car that was left a vehicle on their property from a tenant.  I always advise the property owners the same thing. You have to do a certificate of authority, also known as a COA. These are very easy to do and allow you to dispose legally of a vehicle, which is abandoned on your property. Once a COA is done, the car can never be put back on the road; it is marked as salvage. This is a legitimate way of obtaining the authority to dispose of the vehicle. Once your COA comes in from the state, we can accept this in place of a title.

I have heard that a few people have placed a small claim civil suit on the former residents that abandoned a vehicle on their property, and the public judge has issued or judged that the owner of the property has rights to this vehicle, but I have never experienced this.

Can I remove these without you going through any of this? Yes, but we will have to remove the vehicle and place it on a state-approved storage lot. If I do this, I cannot pay anything for the car. The storage lot directly pays my company for a tow. We are not able to retain the vehicle once it is placed in storage. By state law, it must be auctioned off.

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More Information From Texas on Certificate of Authority

More from the State of Texas on Certificate of Authority. There is a Certificate of Authority form located here.


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Originally posted 2016-08-15 23:58:43.

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