Junk Car Buyer No Title Not a Problem (Vehicle Must Be in Your Name)

Sell Your Car to Junk Car Buyer No Title

Our junk car buyer no title has been serving the Houston area for many years. Our service has been created to help you sell your car without your title. The vehicle must be in your name without a lien.

Why Should You Junk My Car?

There are several reasons you might have for wanting to junk your car. The most frequent one we hear is to save money over repairs and other costs.

  • Cleaning up your property.
  • Turn it into cash.
  • No need to carry auto insurance on it.
  • HOA not harassing you!
  • Spouse stops giving you a hard time over a car sitting in the driveway.

We will not only pay you cash on the spot but tow it for free. We do not care what the year make or model, we want to purchase your junk car. Call 281-946-7209 today, get picked up!

Sell Junk Car No Title in Houston

Sell junk car no title in Houston today for cash on the spot. We are your local junk car buyer that enjoys purchasing your vehicle for top dollar. Nobody pays more than us for your vehicle. We have been serving the greater Houston areas for years.

What sets our service apart from everybody else is we purchase every year, make and model. We do not care what is wrong with your car, we want to buy it. Our specialty is cash for cars!

Cash for Junk Cars Without Title Near Me

Our service has been offering cash for junk cars without title near me for years. Located in Houston Texas, we feel as though we are cleaning up the city by offering this service. Everything that is purchased is recycled in an eco-friendly manner. No worries we take care of everything for you.

Does My Car Qualify to be Purchase Under the Junk Car Buyer No Title Program?

As long as the vehicle is in your name with no liens it does qualify. You have to be the legal registered own to qualify to sell your car under our Junk Car Buyer No Title program. When you call for a junk car quote, please have the vehicle VIN. We will run it to verify ownership status. If you have an old lien on it, you will be required to obtain a release of lien from your past lien holder.

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients (The Real Deal)

  1. How are you able to purchase junk cars without a title?
  2. This is the number one question we get asked when people call. Simply, we run the registration to verify it is registered to you. When our wrecker arrives they have some paperwork for you to fill out and have to get a copy of your state-issued identification. If you have a lien, they will look over your lien release to verify it and possibly call the lien holder to verify it. You are also able to obtain a duplicate title from TXDOT
  3. Will you tow my car for free?
  4. every vehicle we purchase is always towed for free. There are no hidden charges or gimmicks. Many other companies go down once they arrive to recoup the costs of towing. We do not. Towing is always free of charge!
  5. My vehicle does not run, are you still interested in it?
  6. Running or not we will pay you top dollar for it. We don’t care if it is broken down or running. The car could have been sitting for years and not started, it is worth money to us and you! Fleet vehicles, company cars or individuals’ vehicles, we pay top dollar for them.
  7. When do I get paid?
  8. When our wrecker arrives, they arrive with the cash to pay you. You get cash on the spot for your car. There is no waiting to get paid or having to go pick up your cash. We handle everything for you and bring it to you. As easy as a phone call away 281-946-7209.

Why You Should Use Junk Car Buyer No Title

Houston Junk Car Buyer
Houston Junk Car Buyer
  • Not having to worry about home HOA fines!
  • Extra cash today in your pocket.
  • No worries about the city fining or towing your junk car.
  • Don’t have to keep insurance on your vehicle anymore.
  • Extra parking space
  • No chance of unsightly oil leaks on your property
  • Your property looks better without an old junk car sitting around
  • Easy to get rid of a car without title

Turn that unwanted junk car into instant cash today! We not only pay you cash on the spot but will tow it for free! There is never a charge for towing when we are purchasing your vehicle. Car not running, the car has flats or you have lost your title, we don’t care! We buy junk cars and pay you more than any salvage yards will!

Sell my Car No Title

Sell my car no title, is a special program designed for people who have lost their title. Our special program has been in the area for over 40 years. In 40 years we have purchased thousands of vehicles. It is possible to get rid of junk cars with no title.

We are a local junk car buyer, not one located in another city or state. No matter the year, make or model we want to purchase your junk car! Yes, we specialized in cash for cars!

The best part is!

Been in the Houston area for years offering eco-friendly junk car removal and junk car buying services. Priding our self on recycling your vehicles not just letting them sit somewhere rusting away. This helps to keep the communities clean thus raising property values!

Does My Junk Car Qualify to be Purchased by Junk Car Buyer No Title Program

If you are the legal owner of the vehicle we can and will help you! We will purchase your car with no title. When our tow truck gets to your location, they will run your vehicle’s identification number. As long as there are no liens and it is in your name we can pay you top dollar on the spot.

By law, there is a little more paperwork that has to be done but we will do it for you! Yes, it is as easy as that!

The Real Deal, Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you accept a vehicle without a title?
  • Our company developed a legal way to purchase your junk car without a title. When we arrive and run your vehicle to check the name it is in, this allows us to also check and see if you owe any money on the vehicle. If we arrive and the vehicle is not in your name or there is a lien on it, we can not purchase it. If you paid the lien off than we will require a release of lien for it.
  • My car does not run can you still buy it?
  • No, we purchase vehicles in all shapes and conditions. Not caring how new or old your vehicle is. Your vehicle can be pure junk or junk broken down.
  • Is free towing included?
  • Of course free towing is included with every purchase. Many other junk car buyers will hide the cost of towing in their estimate. Never will we do this practice.

Houston Junk Car Buyers No Title Program Pays Top Dollar

Our goal is to make sure you are getting the best money for your vehicle. So if you are looking to get rid of a junk car in Houston TX without title please give us a call 281-946-7209. Not only do you get paid on the spot, but we will also tow for free! We try to pick up the same day you call. This means you can have cash in your hand today! We are the best company to call that buy cars!

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