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Sell my junk car is why you found us. We want to purchase your car for top dollar and tow it for free. We four locations in the Houston, I would say we qualify as a junk car buyer near me or a local junk car buyer.

Our business started right here in Houston and we are proud of the recycling that has been performed by us. Every year we recycle over ten thousand cars a year. This helps to protect our environment and keep the city looking beautiful!

Junk Car Buyer No Title

If you have lost your title but your vehicle is in your name, we are still able to purchase it from you. When you call us please let us know you have lost your title. We will need the vehicle identification number to run it to verify ownership. Your car must not have a lien on it if there is a lien you have to request a release of lien.

When our wrecker arrives, they need your state-issued identification. They will fill in some paperwork and take a few photos. The whole process takes about ten minutes. As soon as they do the paperwork and verify your ownership, they pay you on the spot.

Sell My Junk Car Today

You call us 281-946-7209 today we will pick it up today. Free same day towing on all junk cars. You want to sell my junk car and we want to purchase it today! There are no hassles or holdups, we arrive with the cash to pay you on the spot. We want you as a client and appreciate your business!

We Purchase Junk Cars with a Lost Title

We Purchase Junk Cars with a Lost Title We purchase cars with a lost title. Because we are a licensed and bonded company, we are to give you cash for junk cars. There are laws about this kind of purchase that we must follow. There are the state and federal legislation that requires us to […]

Auto Recyclers Do Us All a Great Service

Save Money By Selling Your Automobile to an Auto Recyclers Company More vehicles are being recycled than any other time in the history of the automobile, thanks to auto recyclers. Auto salvage is often overlooked for recycling. Junk my Car is a huge benefit to everybody. Auto recyclers are saving precious resources from being depleted. […]

Junk Car for Cash: Always Check Buyer Reviews Before You Sell!

Selling a Junk Car for Cash When selling a junk car for cash, you need to know if you are getting the best possible deal. There are specific ways to ensure you are getting top dollar for your vehicle. Since you are not experienced in selling junk cars, some junk car buying companies will try […]

A Junk Car Story

A Junk Car Buyer Story The other day a young lady called Junk Car Buyer out to buy a couple of old junk cars, so she could get up enough money to buy her grandson a vehicle. We asked her for a description of the ancient junk vehicles she wanted to sell. Quoted her an […]

Cash for Cars No Title

Cash for Cars No Title Same Day Pickup Cash for cars, no title is not a problem with us. However, there are some stipulations we must follow. Protects you and us from purchasing a vehicle from the wrong person. We have to follow all the laws both state and local. The cash for cars no […]

Accident Damaged Cars

Do you purchase accident damaged cars? Yes, we do. Even though we are in the salvage business, we love accident damaged cars. We know that for the vehicle to be in an accident, it had to have been running, meaning the motor and transmission is in working order. As always we offer free towing and […]

Towing Junk Cars

We have been towing junk cars in and around the Houston area for many years. We will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck. City or Apartment Threating You Over Your Old Vehicle, sell it to Junk Car Buyer Has your apartment complex tagged your car to be towed away? Is your […]

Junk Car Buyer Free Towing

Sell Junk Car No Title With all of the recent flooding here in the area, there has been so much flooding of homes and vehicles. This is sad, and we hope that everybody is ok a car, home and positions can be replaced; human life cannot be. With the ground so soaked and wet, any […]

Sell Junk Car No Title for Cash Same Day Pickup

We will purchase your junk car if you have lost the title, so yes sell junk car no title with us. We do have to take extra steps to ensure that we are no purchasing a vehicle with a lien on it. When you call us for a quote let us know that you have […]

Top Dollar for Flooded Cars Same Day Pickup

Top Dollar for Flooded Cars Same Day Pickup So you are looking for a flooded car buyer, the unfortunate victim of a flood and your vehicle was flooded, no worries we pay top dollar for flooded cars. You may have lost your vehicle because of flooding but you are ok, and that is what matters […]

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