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Sell my junk car is why you found us. We want to purchase your car for top dollar and tow it for free. We four locations in the Houston, I would say we qualify as a junk car buyer near me or a local junk car buyer.

Our business started right here in Houston and we are proud of the recycling that has been performed by us. Every year we recycle over ten thousand cars a year. This helps to protect our environment and keep the city looking beautiful!

Junk Car Buyer No Title

If you have lost your title but your vehicle is in your name, we are still able to purchase it from you. When you call us please let us know you have lost your title. We will need the vehicle identification number to run it to verify ownership. Your car must not have a lien on it if there is a lien you have to request a release of lien.

When our wrecker arrives, they need your state-issued identification. They will fill in some paperwork and take a few photos. The whole process takes about ten minutes. As soon as they do the paperwork and verify your ownership, they pay you on the spot.

Sell My Junk Car Today

You call us 281-946-7209 today we will pick it up today. Free same day towing on all junk cars. You want to sell my junk car and we want to purchase it today! There are no hassles or holdups, we arrive with the cash to pay you on the spot. We want you as a client and appreciate your business!

Junk Car Buyer Scams

Junk Car Buyer Scams Happen Everyday! I wanted to make a quick post about the most recent Junk Car Buyer scams going around in the junk car industry. As I learn about these things, I try to post them. Recently I have been getting a lot of reports of two things the first, is people […]

Junk a Car With Legitimate Buyer

Junk a Car with Junk Car Buyer Junk a car with us and receive more than any other car buyer will pay you. Not only will you earn more with us, but you will also know that we are giving you the best possible service. When we purchase your car or truck, we will pay […]

Information on Sell Your Junk Car

So you want to sell your Junk Car Houston Sell your junk car today hassle-free! The Houston area is filled with numerous old vehicles that are not used anymore. These early cars are becoming junk cars. turn them into junk car cash! It is critical that these cars are removed and recycled into usable products. […]

How to Sell Your Junk Car in Houston

How to Sell Your Junk Vehicle in Houston Today for Instant Cash and Free Towing If you are trying to sell your junk car in the Houston area, you are probably asking yourself “How do I sell my junk car?” Well, hopefully, this junk car article gives you some solid advice. We would like the […]

How to Sell a Junk Car or Truck

How to Get The Most When You Sell a Junk Car or Truck So you want to sell a junk car and want to receive the most out of it. We hope this article will help you achieve this. Below we have written a short article that will help you. So you have an old […]

How to Replace Your Lost Vehicle Title in Texas

How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in Texas Either Mailing or Going in. Getting a copy of a duplicate title in Texas is easy! So you have lost or misplaced your title, and you need to know how to get a new one? If you are missing the title to your vehicle, you are […]

How to Junk my Car

How to Junk Your Car We always get asked, “How to junk my car?” It’s easy, call us.  We will pay you top dollar for your junk car or truck on the spot! With free towing included absolutely free! Your old vehicle is recycled with us. A lot of car buyers will purchase your vehicle […]

How to Junk a Car for Cash

So you want to junk a car for cash. We will explain how you will be able to junk a car for money. The process is straightforward. Your old junk car is money waiting for you to cash in. Bills piling upsell your old junk car for cash today. You can have extra cash by […]

How to Get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car

Get Top Dollar for Your Junk Car from Houston Junk Car Buyer Do you have a junk car that is sitting in your yard and have no idea what to do with it? Is your vehicle worn out? Is it betters days passed? Your vehicle has so much wrong with it may not be worth fixing. […]

How to Get the Most Cash for Junk Cars

Did you know that you can get cash for junk cars from junk car buyers? Yes, your old junk car is worth money. The process of selling your old junk car is very comfortable. It is easier than you might think. Houston Junk Car Buyer is one of the companies that will pay you cash […]

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